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  1. igor.blomberg


    I'm going to New York in the beginning of April, the 3rd to the 9th. I was hoping to get some tips on good jazz clubs to go to. I'll probably go to Smalls (still hoping Ari Hoenig or Gilad Hekselman will play, but they haven't announced act for april yet), but other than that I'm not sure.
    Also I'd like to find a good place for effect pedals, and possibly to mod my Rat.

    Any NY residents willing to share some tips?


  2. guitar1025

    Hey man,

    You can't go wrong with Smalls; you're bound to see someone good. Also check out Bar Next Door on Wednesday night. If he's in town, Jonathan Kreisberg plays there every Wednesday. As the date gets closer, just check the websites. They'll have the schedules posted.

    For pedals, some places you might want to check out are Rudy's on 48th. Also try Matt Umanov's in the village or 30th Street Guitars (I'll let you guess where that one is). They're likely to have stuff you won't find in a typical Sam Ash/Guitar Center.

    Hope that's somewhat helpful.

  3. Mazza plays bar next door every Sunday . Main drag in Brooklyn has modded and custom pedals... Can get pricey for the custom stuff.

  4. silverwater

    55 Bar...still only $10, cheapest ticket in town for a world-class jazz bar. There's a 2 drink minimum but I don't think they keep track. Nir Felder plays there every thursday unless he's out of town touring, if you're into Ari and Gilad I highly recommend checking out his show. Also for $10-$15 there's the Cornelia St Cafe, which can have some great stuff. If you like experimental/Avant-garde music there's also The Stone in the East Village for $10, which is a performance hall with John Zorn as the artistic director.

    Only the other thing on the cheap I know is Fat Cat, which has a $3 cover. The music isn't always great, but it's a cool place to hang either way. They've got couches, pool, ping-pong, shuffle-board, chess, and checkers. You can get great beer or $3 cans of PBR (3$ for a shit beer is actually really cheap for NYC)

    Also check the schedules for all the big clubs, Village Vanguard, Jazz Standard, The Iridium, Smoke, Birdland, Blue Note...these places can get kind of pricey, but a lot of heavyweights play at these places, so if there's someone you really want to see then it's worth it. One of the cool things about this town is there's always someone I'd be interested in going to see on any given night.

    Other recommendations: Buy a 7-day unlimited Metrocard (works for buses too). If you smoke cigarettes, bring some with you. With all the city taxes they run about $13.00 per pack. If you go to the Empire State Building, don't do the SkyRide, it's for little kids. Eat an American-sized burger at Jackson Hole, don't go to Shake Shack like all the other tourists do.

  5. Wow, silverwater. My post feels so lazy- this is a really accurate and helpful post

  6. igor.blomberg

    Thank you all so much, this is great info!

    By the way, do I typically need to reserve tickets for the big places, or is it fine just coming by?


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