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  1. fakejake

    Hey guys,
    as springtime is starting to show I think about getting an acoustic nylonstring guitar to practice and play in the park.
    I never owned an acoustic in my life so I have very little experience, but the ones I've played had quite uncomfortable large necks and huge nut widths. Only exception was Godin, but they're not true acoustics plus way above my budget.
    So I am looking for advise on an 'electric players' nylon string, no more than 500euros, preferably with cutaway. Anybody has a recommendation?

    Apart from that, how much acoustic do you guys play? Do you prefer nylon or steel string?

    Cheers, jake

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. Honestly , if you are not going to throw down cash and this is to practice in the park it can really be any beater that has been set up properly . Realize the action and ( or vs. ) string tension will be different from your electric ( especially if you're doing flat wounds ). Again, just make sure the thing is intonated and structurally ok. If it is something to take out and tote around and be able to practice outdoors a little but and NOT going to be your main identifying signature guitar experience why would you throw down cash ? It sounds like you want something more than those 80's grip master ( I should be playing guitar instead ) hand exerciser thingies & some great guitar you are scared to take out of your home. It can be a student model unfamous thing. A nylon should sound like a nylon and even when those godins are going through some hifi AER type amp the results are questionable ... Yes, even Lionel loueke's tone sometimes sounds flat thin and dead... His ideas are cool and can compensate. They sometimes just sound really sterile and might aswell be one of those travel snap together nylons or some smooth jazz tears in heaven shit... YouTube some paco de Lucia ; you will feel like a douche getting some hybrid blade runner future shit storm sonic shadow of a nylon if you try to round to the nearest practical thing with a cutaway - unless it's really just to have something on your lap to work things out and you don't care about the sound . Again, if that's the priority why invest beyond it being intonated? Perhaps steel strings . There are plenty of accessible steel strings too. I've thought about those traveler guitars but it is really for having some bare minimum tool to work things out and I wouldn't expect anything beyond that from it.

  3. fakejake

    thanks floatingbridge for the reply! i dont really want to throw down cash, but i want something solid that plays + sounds well. the idea would be to also play with others, so travelers guitar wont cut it, i need something with a little volume and good projection. at first i was thinking about some none cutaway crappy plywood student model as well, but then, whenever i spent a little more in the past and went for something decent i didn't regret it later.
    i think that today it is very possible to get a well made acoustic for around 500 euros, that you can play + enjoy a lifetime, especially if you're an electric player and its not your main axe.

  4. jorgemg1984

    I have heard good reviews on Walden cheap steel string acoustics - played one for 5 minutes and liked it but I needed to spend more time with the guitar in order to have a more accurate opinion. I would really go the steel string route... Kreisberg and Lund have very good takes on standards with those guitars for example.

  5. JorgeRubiales

    In the nylon string field, I would recommend a non-cutaway model, as they generally tend to sound better. Three brands I know are ok for about $300 are Admira, Alhambra and Prudencio Saez, if you can find them.


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