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Recommendations for some good world music

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  1. kley2004

    Hi Everyone,

    Lately, with an idea and a desire to expand my musical horizons, I've been in a search for some good world music (a genre I'm less familiar with as apposed to jazz, classical, rock, pop etc...)

    Some modern jazz artists I follow talk about the influence of world music on them:

    Julian Lage - Indian music.
    Tigran Hamasyan - Norwegian and Swedish folk music.
    David Sanchez - African music.

    I was wondering if some of you could recommend on some important artists or even specific albums I should check out, from the above list of categories, or any other good ones as well.

    Many Thanks!

  2. TruthHertz

    Rez Abbasi is a remarkable guitarist from Pakistan (?) I believe. Nice combination of jazz with other musics.
    Dave Fiuczynksy does a lot of microtonal middle eastern improvisation.
    John McLaughlin's group Shakti had a really nice meeting of jazz with South Indian music.
    Ali Akbar Khan is a Sarod player , Indian music and very important in my mind.
    You'll find a lot of amazing sounds in vocal groups like Vaartina, I think they're from Norway but I'm not sure.
    Trio Bulgarka , a Bulgarian vocal trio will blow you away.
    Prisanna is a guitarist who uses an electric guitar to play really deeply in the south Indian carnatic tradition.
    Those are the ones in my ipod now, I'll try to think of others.

  3. Quintricacy

    All of the above and also check out U.Srinivas, south indian mandolin player that totally shreds.

  4. Gesture

    Check out Arve Henriksen. A norwegian trumpet player.
    He's influenced by Japanese music, but when I hear him I can almost smell scandinavia.
    Chiaroscuro is my favorite album of his.

  5. kley2004

    Thanks guys!

    I'm familiar with Shakti and U.Srinivas. Will definitely check out the other stuff!

    Love this forum:)

  6. While many of these are great musicians , do most of them really answer the initial query of looking for " world music "?
    I have struggled with this. For example , I've heard so any good drummers cite Ghana as a source of great stuff. I didn't know what artists to begin w so on spotify I typed ' Ghana ' and looked for things that looked like found sounds or more ethnomusicological type things. Another example: I don't believe those ' ethiopiques ' albums reflect a vast or accurate depiction of Ethiopian music; the recordings document a small pool of musicians from and for a specific time period : a fusion of jazz styled things with perhaps regional styled things at that particular era .D espite digging all these things, I think a distinction should be made between say Ali Akbar and John McLaughlin as to what is a reflection of Indian music - a distinction between a tradition; a fusion ; or a practioner of a discipline who may bring ( other ) cultural elements that may not be directly or immediately reflective of a tradion's initial source culture(s).
    I will be going to the library ( for for other reasons ) but will make a point of finding recordings from some cultures I am unfamiliar with aswell from now on.

  7. TruthHertz

    Floatingbridge you make a good point and I agree. In fact, once an even "authentic" music is recorded, it subtly or not so subtly changes its character, intention, meaning, spirit and presentation. One might argue, and I do, that creating a musical product in a studio is not the same as creating an experience in music for a community of other people. It's good to be aware. It's good to be cautious. It's good to be open minded and it's good to be respectful of traditions that create real music.
    It's also good to have access to doorways to those traditions. Keep growing-

  8. contremisart

    You might find this interesting, I think it is beautiful :)

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