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  1. animitta

    hope that everyone is having good times during the christmas holyday.
    I don't know if this is a topic already covered before but i would like to suggest this thread:
    Can you all guys reading this forum suggest a list of reccomended books?
    Not only about music or music theory. Also about biographies of musicians or all other kind of books. No matter what: philosophy,religion, narrativies stories, or short story,
    dramatic monologue, epic tale, detective story,
    work of fiction, tear-jerker , everything. A book you think it's important or necessary to be read.
    Everyone one can post a 5 top list.

    All the Best whishes for a happy, healthy, musically rich, and if possible also economically rich : ), great New Year!

    # Edit
    Oh yes...i forgot to post my list....if someone is interested about, this is mine, not in a particular order:
    1) Gibran Kalhil Gibran -- The Prophet :
    2) Siddartha - Hermann Hesse
    3) The George Van Eps Method for Guitar-
    4) Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance :
    5) The Teaching of Don Juan : - Carlos Castaneda:

  2. david6strings

    Ian Carr's Miles Davis Biography

    Barry Galbraith's guitar comping

    bebop book 1-3 david baker

    the berklee guitar osman yagmurderelli

    william leavitt's reading studies for guitar (2 books)

    +1 Don Juan

  3. the very hungry caterpillar . eric karle
    a supposedly fun thing i'll never do again.david foster wallace
    infinite jest." '' "
    the revolution of everyday life. raoul vanneigem
    the name of the rose. umberto eco
    sexual personae. camille paglia
    fatal strategies. jean baudrillard
    simulation. " " "
    tropic of cancer. henry miller
    forces in motion( in depth coverage of anthony braxton and the marlyn crispell gerry hemingway mark dresser 4tet of the 80's).graham locke
    (quincy troupe's) autobiography of miles davis
    to have or to be . eric fromm
    zen mind beginner's mind ( or the other way around , cant remember ) . suzuki
    harmonic mechanisms vol 1-3. george vanepps
    the guitarists guide to composition and improvisation( or something like this ; mainly for this diagram of chord palette which i think some relationships were covered in another thread ) .jon damian
    the advancing guitarist. mick goodrick
    thesaurus of scales and melodic patterns. slonimsky
    and somewhere there is a thread that is more theory/guitar based somewhere here.

  4. Matt

    eeee eee eeeee by tao lin
    naked lunch by william burroughs
    east of eden by john steinbeck (currently reading, phenomenal)
    zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
    norton collection of modern poetry.

    i don't really own any guitar books; thus my noob status on the instrument :)

  5. Lobsang Rampa's books are awesome i couln't stop reading all (16 I think) of them.
    Haruki Murakami's books as well.

    I'm realizing I'm more into the author's rather than specific books.

  6. jbroad

    alan watts- the book: on the taboo against knowing who you are

  7. animitta

    Thanks to all of you guys for all these suggestions. I will check about.

    I want to add some more books on my list:

    Gurdjieff, G.I. - The Struggle of Magicians
    Gurdjieff, G.I. - Life IS Only Real When I AM
    Vol 2 - Jerry Bergonzi - Pentatonics
    John Coltrane: his life and music - Lewis Porter :
    Howard Roberts - Super Chops - Guitar
    Garrison Fewell - Jazz Improvisation
    Jazz Guitar-Single note soloing Vol1-Ted Greene
    Jazz Guitar-Single note soloing Vol2-Ted Greene
    Ted Greene - Chord Chemistry
    Pat Martino - Linear Expression
    Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
    Jimmy Bruno - The Art of Picking
    Hal Galper - Forward Motion - From Bach to Bebop
    Kenny Werner - Effortless Mastery

    And many many more

    I am agree about the book of Jon Damian: The Guitarist's Guide to Composing and Improvising. It's a great one. I had the lucky to meet Jon Damian and to receive the teaching of the pallette chart ( and many more ) directly from him. I remember that everyone inside that guitar class was quiet dizzy at first, and me too. But later i found that chart it's a great way to summarize a big concept. All the Jon's book contains usefull concepts ( Time Machine is also really fun, we tried that together and everyone was laughing hard ). BTW: Jon did another book already pubblished - Chord Factory and one more book is near to be pubblished ( if i am not wrong ): Developing Your Creative Potential.

    All the Best

  8. denjz

    Strange no one mentioned "A chromatic Approach to Jazz Harmony and Melody" by Dave Liebman. I think it's one of the best books ever written on the topic of jazz improvisation.
    I'd also add Bible to the list...after all it's world's best selling book ever :-)

  9. A chromatic approach to jazz harmony ! Yes, great ideas . Good call.
    .."the best selling book ever"...hmmm , I guess I should go buy what's on the top of the charts.

  10. jorgemg1984

    1 - Hal Galper - Forward Motion (talks about stuff no other books talks like tapping your feet on 1 &3, half-time feel, seeing where your lines are going etcc...). Funny enough I dont like his playing that much...

    2 - Bergonzi Books (everione talks about the first two about digital patterns and pentatonics but I think you can get that elsewhere. vol 4 (melodic rhythms) and 6 (developing a jazz language) are amazing, number four particularly - talks about playing consecutive 8th notes across the bar). This cat I like to hear!

    3 - Connecting Chords With Linear Harmony (Bert Ligon), the real 12 bebop licks - the guy transcribed thousands of solos and narrowed it down to 12 great lines

    4 - Training the Ear (Armen Donelian) - the best book on ear training ever written, also talks about stuff no other book talks - usualyy they talk a lot about hearing intervals and this one takes it much further

    5 - I would like to put a good theory book here, but I still have to find one... So I ll put the Bill Evans Letters!

    There a lot I still dont know like the van eps ones, I bet they are great...

  11. andyjazz

    Twyla Tharp "The Creative Habit" and Stephen Nachmanovitch "Free Play"

  12. The Sword of Shannara
    Mel Bays Complete book of Theory, Harmony, and Voicing
    Effortless Mastery
    Zen in the art of archery
    Modern Chord Progressions by Ted Greene

    There's my top five...

  13. silverwater

    How about some Iphone/Ipod applications?

    There seems to be a lot of ear training apps out there, but these are the only three I've found worth keeping:

    - Ear Trainer
    -Guitar Interval
    -Do Re Mi

    And of course the IRealBook.

    I also like a non-music one called "Brain Genius Deluxe."


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