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  1. Hi Everyone-
    I have a recording session coming up on Tuesday and I was just informed that because it is with an orchestra and big band i will be required to go direct. I have gone direct once or twice and hated it. Lifeless,harsh tone just hearing it from the headphones . So i thought I would ask here to see if anybody has any advice. It is Jazz mostly so I'm not looking for gain (there are a few times I need that actually). I was thinking of a tube pre-amp and also adding a little eq and reverb/or delay sometimes. Any ideas or what has worked for some of you guys would be gratly appreciated. Kind of looking for an Abercrombie type-sound (without the ability !!). I will have the oppurtunity to re-amp or re-record if I want also.

  2. mattymel

    thats lame. i would ask why....seems like if they are worried about separation than they should offer the guitarist the same luxury via an isolation booth. i can't stand direct guitar, to the point where i wouldn't want to hear the final result. even the "best" emulators i have heard sound thin and lifeless to me.

  3. jbroad

    can you get your hands on an axe fx? that would solve all of your problems

  4. JorgeRubiales

    A line 6 hd 300 is actually a good option. I hated every emulator to date except the axe and this one, because for the first time, you can hear your guitar's character through. Plus, the line 6 can be had for about 300 bucks, and is great for session dates (not only jazz). I'm going to get one as soon as I can, because it seems nowadays my jazz gigs are becoming scarce and people are calling me for all sorts of music that requires very different and varied effects, and this one will come in handy.

    Other than that, a decent valve preamp will do wonders to your tone. Or, if you have a head+cabinet setup, getting one of those palmer cabinet emulator + dummy load, and going direct from there. There's the possibility to get your guitar through some kind of VST afterwards (i.e. reamping), but I think that would be the last choice.

  5. jorgemg1984

    Using the line out of a solid state head like henriksen or AI or jazzmaster ultralight? You might need a dummy load in order to not damage the amp!

  6. Jazzmaster ultralight! Finally, somebody ( aside from myself ) .

  7. jorgemg1984

    I love that amp man... Best gear I have ever bought (after my vintage archtop of course). I am selling my Henriksen which was sounding brilliant with an EV! (the EV is staying of course).

    Have you ever recorded with the Line Out? Or used it a gig?

  8. I've done both. I've recorded directly ( the person I was playing ran it into his stuff- I don't know the details of if he applied any treatments etc. ). It sounded quite decent. I've played it clean and dirty... It is quite versatile. Most notably and recently I used it playing with a pretty big band ( 2 drummers; violin; multi reed dude;keys; bass;4 guitars... There was not much time between bands and I opted to not be mic'd). The space was sold out (roughly 150 people ). It was on the distortion channel w barely any of the gain string used and it was set to probably 4-6... The loudest I've used this amp. Much of the band was going through the house and with 2 powerful drummers it was loud to say the least. One of the drummers and a guitar player came up and asked if it was that little guy I was playing through and were thoroughly impressed . I felt I was conservative ( in playing and volume ) and rarely rolled up the guitar all the way. I am super happy with it.sure tube amps a great and warm . I just can't walk around with all that and really don't want to hear any noise I am not putting out and this thing is very compact and light.

  9. jorgemg1984

    Great! I still have on or two questions but I will e-mail you to keep this thread on the right route. Will say this one more time - anyone who has the chance to get a jazzmaster ultralight do it...

  10. Din

    I would ask borrowed a good mic and use it, or tell them to search for another studio or guitarist, but that's me

    I've tried recording with a valve preamp and the tone sucked, it sounded a little like treble-ish and with lack of body in the tone. However, a valve mic only is awesome, best thing ever for jazz tone IMO.

  11. Joxo

    What kind of guitar do u use ? If its a archtop then it possible to get a OK sound by going to the board directly and treat it kind of like a acoustic steelstring at the board. If its a "modern" sound u use , then u should be ok with any multi effekt or modeling amp with line out. People bullshit to much about gear. Sure , the best thing is a amp with your own pedals and stuff. Just make something work and play the shit out the tunes dude.

  12. Great advice from Joxo!
    Just worry about the notes, if, as you said, you can re-amp you can work 'the tone' out latter...but you can't polish a turd (Yes-I'm quoting Eddie Van Halen)

  13. callum

    You can't polish a turd, but you can cover it in glitter...


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