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    Hi all,
    I need your advices. I'd like to record myself and have a decent sound that I can edit (add effects, plugins) just to make some demos.
    I play an archtop, nylon string and steel string guitars, so I need something that can capture these type of sound too - adding a mic or without. I heard about the POD stuffs series but I also heard that they were more rock/pop oriented. Therefore they won't have many jazz guitar sound options.
    I use a macbook and I need something compatible. I'm looking for something that's pretty straight-forward (I mean not complicated, with lots of options, just one input is enough) and cheap (around 150 euros).

    What do you use to record yourself ? and which software do you use ?

  2. Hi Filters,

    I use a Macbook Pro myself and record lots of stuff on it.

    I use Garageband, which came free with my computer, and I have a POD X3 which I use for all my guitar sounds. All the drivers and software for the POD X3 is on the Line6 website and is definitely Mac compatible.

    The POD X3 has plenty of amps which would be suitable for jazz - Roland JC120, Fender Twins, Fender Tweeds and some of Line 6's own models which are excellent - you can find details of the models on the Line6 website, I'm in work at the moment and can't provide you a direct link. You may want to try before you buy but I think this unit is excellent, although probably a bit expensive for you. The POD XT is also very good although I would strongly recommend the XT.

    I find it easy to record with this unit too, even though I am not that technically minded. It's easy to set up the sounds and there are loads of patches on the Line 6 website to get you started.

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    Hi bingfeller,

    thx for your answer. Have you got some of your demos with the POD X3?
    I check the price with around 350 euros... There's the Guitar port XT around 150euros. I'll try to find some demos around the internet to see what people can do with the X3 compared to the XT. I guess the general sound quality is the same but there are more options with the X3.

    Anybody else has got advices or demos with Pod XT or X3?


  4. Yes I have a load of stuff up at -

    99% of it was recorded with a POD X3. Some of it's probably not the best quality and probably not the tones you're looking for as I'm more of a rock player. There is some clean stuff up too, if you check the first 3 things that come up on the soundclick page (I'm in work so can't give you a direct link) one of them is definitely clean guitar.

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    Sounds really great man... Definitely something I was looking for. Love the Brett Garsed's vibe of the first tune...

    Are you just pluging in your guitar into the Pod X3 or are you doing something else? What's the exact setup ?

    last thing so I can make up my mind :
    Do you have a demo with a sort of archtop jazz guitar ?

  6. JtV

    Great Topic....

    But I have a real newbie kind of question... I have a Macbook and a POD exactly do you record with it? Could you go through maybe a step by step? Thanks!!

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  7. Hi guys,

    It's simple to record with. The signal chain goes:

    Guitar -> POD X3 -> USB port on computer. You get a USB cable with the POD unit that will plug into your computer and that's all you need!

    Filters - I don't have any demo with an archtop guitar I'm afraid. I use a Gibson Les Paul.

    JTV - before recording you'll need to get all the software from the Line 6 website.

  8. JtV

    Thanks for responding, hope you don't mind another question....

    what software do I need? There is a lot there...

  9. JtV - You need to download the POD XT drivers for Mac OS X. You'll find them in the drop down menus on that Line 6 website.

    Here's another link

  10. try a demo of Ableton free audio software, if you like. I'm trying to find a good portable USB audio interface that will last me. I think you will enjoy Ableton if you give it a try.


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