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  1. Basile865

    I was wondering what recording software Kurt and everyone uses?

    If I wanted to explore a chord sequence, is there something I can use with a built in click to continuously loop the sequence?

    I was also wondering Kurt if you had a favorite mic(s) for your amp or if you do a DI type thing?


  2. Basile865

    Anyone have some suggestions? Im trying to get a system together to record an album

  3. themawt71

    i use pro tools on my mac book.

    it's great. you can definitely loop things. the sound is great.

    it wasnt too pricey either. i got the smallest mbox so i can only have two live inputs at a time. it was maybe 300 dollars. this was 5 years ago.

  4. Alvin


    Software-wise you can go by the so-called industry standard, which tends to be Pro Tools. But in my opinion an equal daw is Cubase.
    I use Presonus audio interface, which has good warm-sounding mic preamps. There is also a software called Studio One by Presonus, which is another very good alternative for the ones mentioned before. Some say there is a specific Pro Tools sound and a specific Cubase sound, but I definitely disagree with that. Just go with whatever you find appealing, they all get the work done!
    Audio interface-wise I'd go with Motu, RME (one of the best!) or Presonus. Maybe not so much with the Avid MBox stuff, cause it can have a slight digital nuance in the sound imho.


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  5. Basile865

    Great, thanks guys

  6. Nuno
    Key Master

    I have been using Ableton Live for the last 10 years or so for recording, mixing, multi-tracking, mastering & playing live also. I never looked back :)


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