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  1. Neither

    I just came back home (from Reims). And I am now listening to the new album "Reflections". I am one of the few people who had the chance to buy the album at the Reims concert. And it's a great album ! The way Wayne Shorter's Fall is played is amazing. Like if you had deconstructed it and extracted the essence or the skelet of the melody and harmonies on a kind of disco-funk feel. I didn't figure what Ethan Iverson said on the album's liner notes ("Here it seems to be re-imagined somewhat like an acoustic version of Wheather Report"[!]), but after I listened to it, it clearly appeared to be the appropriate description ! Ana Maria is played a little faster than the wonderful version i knew (at this trio concert ) but is incredible too. Reflections and More Than You Know are killin'. Ask Me Know too, with this wonderful block chords arrangement... All the album is awesome ! There is more than one life to study the voicings (the trio format allows chords to be heard more than on all the albums you ever made) you played here...

    Some questions for Kurt or Anders, if you please :

    I read that the album was entitled “Kurt Rosenwinkel Standards Trio Vol. 1: Reflections”. I thought you would produce other vol. (a sort of Kurt Rosenwinkel's "the art of the trio"...) but on the album, no mention of "vol.1"... Does it mean you don't want to make a second one, or a serie ?

    The Reims concert was very impressive. I was very surprised to hear you play "How insensitive" (followed by Dexterity !). The best version I ever heard. I hope somebody recorded the concert ! I saw in the concert room that one of the financer of the reims jazz festival was "France Musique" (french public music radio) and there was some publicity for them in the room. And as they record some jazz concerts in France, I wonder if this one has been recorded by there engineers ?

    Thanks for the concert, and the album.


    (Sorry for the english mistakes i do in my posts...)

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  2. Colonel Trane

    I think I speak for most of us when I say I am so jealous of you.

  3. rovano

    Galactically jealous you can say :-)

  4. wommusic
    Key Master

    Jealously is a terrible, destructive emotion! We can't possibly do that to our we have now opened the web shop! ;-)

  5. cruxtable

    awesome...already ordered mine. now just to wait for it to arrive..

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  6. jbroad

    very hip!!! it might be a cool idea to offer an mp3 download to those of us who order the actual cd. that way we can immediately listen to the recording while waiting for the physical product to arrive. i've seen a few artists do this in the past.

  7. hitdoggie

    AC...does the store still have glitches?

    I purchased the Apple/Lossless file and somehow managed to burn through the 3 downloads with it failing all three times.....tried on my MAC and on a Windows PC.

  8. hitdoggie

    That effectively means I'm locked out without the CD

  9. Krish

    "AC...does the store still have glitches?

    I purchased the Apple/Lossless file and somehow managed to burn through the 3 downloads with it failing all three times.....tried on my MAC and on a Windows PC. "

    the same thing just happened to me.. i got 20megs on my first download, and then 44 on my second.. and then 47 on my last... the whole file is 100 megs...

    so.. i think i only have one download attempt left and then i get locked out... :( whats going on?

  10. hitdoggie

    I wouldn't touch the last download Krish.

    Ac- I hope I didn't alert you to a potential headache.

    Just keep us posted.

  11. Krish

    actually.. it looks like it expired. :(

    dammit. hope this gets fixed quick. :(

    i just want to hear the cd! :p

  12. yeah apple lossless happened to me too, what to do?

  13. 320 mp3 is messed up too. Stopped at around the 20 meg mark.

  14. hitdoggie

    I'm with Krish...I just want to hear the damn CD and get to transcribing already!

    Apple/Lossless wouldn't have been my first choice, but at first take in the store it looked like the only option.

    I'm tempted to buy the MP3 version, but don't want to until WOM gets back to us regarding this being an isolated issue with that file type.

  15. Krish

    i got mp3. so, its both, it looks like.

  16. Pascau

    I also bought the Apple/Lossless version. I tried downloading it twice, and each one got to 50.6Mb before cutting off.


  17. trim

    I also bought the Apple/Loseless version and got 70% through the download before it quit on me. Bummer...

  18. wommusic
    Key Master


    Yes, very sorry to say but we encountered some immediate problems with downloads of which we are not certain what is causing the problem right now. We will ensure that those that already bought the downloads will get the files right away, and are working to resolve what the issue is with our hosting company.

    We apologize for this disappointment and hope to have the download service back up and running ASAP!

    All the best,

  19. hitdoggie

    Thanks for the update Anders!

    This stuff is tricky.

  20. wommusic
    Key Master

    Thanks for your understanding - very much appreciated!

  21. Everyone, let's give Anders a hand here for being so incredibly helpful. He responded to my e-mail in less than an hour and has alerted us to the issues at hand.

    Thanks so much, Anders. We know the problems will get resolved. We do appreciate all that you do here.


  22. wommusic
    Key Master

    You guys are the best - we are really sorry to make you wait even longer! We are working to resolve this, but it may realistically take a little while....I'll keep you posted!

  23. Any chance the record's gonna be up on itunes any time soon? Don't get me wrong: I'd like to buy it from you guys but.. well.. you know... like my files to actually work ;) greetings

  24. ericost

    Im getting a warning from webbrowser that the odering page is not safe! Cant wait to buy the new cd......

  25. Nuno
    Key Master

    ericost, what browser are you using? tell me so i can see if i can identify the problem. But i suspect this might be a cache issue. Empty your browser cache and refresh the page. That might solve it. The Webshop complies with all the necessary measures to sell goods online, and the security protocols are enabled and functioning, and are certified by the respective authorities.

    Hope that helps!

  26. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hey DigIt - we'll solve the download issues, which has to do with actually getting the download (we don't know why the files are so slow to download and then stops yet). However, once you do get the files there's nothing wrong with them - they are higher quality files than the ones you'd be getting from iTunes!

    We'll keep you posted and once again sorry for the delay in getting this to function correctly!

  27. ericost

    Thank you for the fast reply! now it works. Looking forward to the cd.

  28. wommusic
    Key Master

    Mange tak for tilliden ericost! CD'en er snarligt på vej! ;-)

  29. Krish

    Listening to Fall right now.

    Get out your Pencils Boys.. its Transcribin Season. :)

  30. riverstooge

    Reflections, pencil and staff paper all ordered....i can assume we will share transcriptions?

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