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  1. cruxtable

    well, i ordered a hard copy of the cd and i'm just waiting for it to arrive, but in the meantime i had an idea that i thought i'd get a head start on:

    since many of you already seem anxious to get to work transcribing, why don't we pull our efforts together? between all of us, we can have accurate transcriptions of all of kurt's solos in no time at all. let's divvy up tracks (or even maybe even halves of tracks) once we get our records and decide what we want to do. this will also be good for us, forcing us to transcribe a solo, especially for me since i haven't been doing much transcriptions lately.

    once we're all done with the transcriptions we can put them together online for everyone. does everyone have some kind of notation program like finale/sibelius, where you can import/export midi files if necessary? there is also, which is great for a free online notation tool.

    so what do you say?

  2. Something like this sounds pretty cool to me...I'd probably end up transcribing some of it on my own anyway

  3. riverstooge

    I'm in.

  4. cruxtable

    that new post under music has samples..awesome. this will hold me over until it gets here...

    btw, i already transcribed the intro to east coast love affair from a video, so i could probably just make some minor tweaks from the album and put it in sibelius, so i've already got that covered.

  5. mikelorenz

    new to the forum...this convinced me to join up! this sounds like a great idea and wonderful way to bounce ideas back and forth.

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  6. riverstooge

    so here's most of the clip of"You've Changed"...I ordered the CD but haven't gotten it yet...but there's that sample under the music heading. Here's the tab, didn't have a chanced to notate it. Hope you don't mind. Had a little trouble with some of it because the Bass and the Guitar blend pretty impressively in the mix....and it's Rosenwinkel and he's a damn sorcerer of guitar...and the delay plays tricks on my ears as does the late hour. Enough excuses.. haha.. Feel free to correct....enjoy!




  7. Poparad

    That would be cool. I have Finale, and I've done a fair amount of transcribing with it. I have some other stuff of Kurt's transcribed on my website (

    When I get my copy in the mail, I'll probably start on a track or two.

  8. cruxtable

    poparad - small world! i've come across your transcriptions, i actually already have chords and the lead sheet for the next step downloaded! gave my friend a copy of your next step transcription, i think we're going to play it.

    also - you went to akron? i'm a student at bowling green right now.

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  9. jbroad

    yo jeremy! good to see you on here dawg.


  10. hitdoggie

    Well since I left music school and set my eyes on graduate school in another field I pretty much play for myself. I am currently transcribing a chorus from the "reflections" track that was posted here in the bootleg session. It isn't the official cut, but I like the chorus.

    The only problem is when I do transcriptions now I care little about writing the rhythm out, unless it is something unique that I want to note. I mostly just tab it out phrase by phrase and leave it at that. I wouldn't mind sharing when I am done if people care to look at that.

    Otherwise I'll enjoy myself :)

  11. Poparad

    I just got my copy in the mail on Friday and I've already listened to it about 7 or 8 times. I think I'm going to start on "Reflections" first. By far my favorite cut so far (that may change over time, though.)

  12. eduardocrespo

    Paul, I'd love to see your transcription of the intro to east coast love affair, will you be uploading it anytime soon? Thank you


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