"Reflections" play-along, backing track, anything?!?

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  1. lordofuo

    I'm not currently playing with a group at the moment, so I usually have to resort to playing with Aebersold tracks in my free time for improv practice. After listening to Kurt's version again, I've been wanting to play it like crazy, but I can't find a track being sold by ANYONE online! Does anyone know of one?

    Thanks. I'll just have to deal with playing it solo with a metronome for now. :P

  2. yaclaus

    Why not record backing yourself?

  3. lordofuo

    You mean just guitar comp? I guess I could do that for now.. Would really like a drum and bass only track though for the chordal improv.

  4. yaclaus

    Then record a bass line on the guitar :)

  5. mrzzajjazz

    You could also use the iReal pro-app. It´s really versatile; you could adjust the tempo, key, remove any instrument in the rhythmsection for your needs. I have´nt checked how correct the reflection lead sheet is, but if you discover any differences from Kurt´s version, you can just edit them in and the app will generate a suitable backingtrack.


  6. versiongg44

    Please more infor i dont understand :)


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