Regatta Bar March 6, 2013 (new quartet)

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  1. arewolfe

    KR at the Regatta Bar... Always one of the best nights of the year for me. I went by myself and ended up sitting with two guys who didn't arrive together, but knew each other. One of them was recommending Egberto Gismonti's record "Folk Songs," ... we introduced ourselves and it turns out it was Anders and David (TruthHertz) from this forum! Pretty cool.

    The band did every tune from the new record. Deja Vu, Gamma Band and Star of Jupiter were the highlights of the night for me. A composer buddy of mine (who likes KR but doesn't follow him or buy the records) said he loved Spirit Kiss.

    Kurt's harmonic approach to the instrument [and ability to carry out that approach on the guitar] is reaching a staggering level. Even since last year. It's just insane. His intro to Under It All was so beautiful. And at the same time it was an incredible display of dexterity on the guitar (I know that's not the point... but it's impossible not to notice). It knocked me out. I can't say much more than that. If you're near NY, go to the Vanguard and experience it for yourself.

    I found myself listening to (and watching) Justin Faulkner a lot of the night. His feel is incredible. And his chops are off the roof, too, but it seems that it's always for the music, never for the sake of chops. I love it. His solo on Star of Jupiter brought down the house. At the risk of sounding ridiculous, I really feel this guy is among the greatest jazz drummers of all time. He's keeping it alive. His reverence for the tradition is awesome to witness. He performs with a fire that's so dynamic... even when he's playing soft you can sense that this powerful energy is still churning and could go off at any moment. Killer stuff. Thanks to the band for an awesome evening!

  2. jamacy77

    Hi Arewolfe,
    I agree with everything you said about the concert. For me, it was a transcendental experience! I was very impressed with the overall musicality of the entire group. I've see Kurt many times before, but the place he is right now is way beyond virtuosity. The compositions go straight to the soul!
    Thanks to Kurt and his band!

  3. TruthHertz



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