right arm tension

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  1. he may be referring to 'effortless mastery' by kenny werner.

  2. david6strings

  3. Matt

    i've discovered that the tension probably stems from the way i attack the strings. i try to keep a very parallel attack, meaning the pick is perpendicular to the plane the strings are on, and i have to slightly turn my arm up. i'll fiddle with holding the pick differently...

  4. JorgeRubiales

    You mean that you angle the pick from the arm, or something?

    Try balancing the guitar in a different way. Nowadays I'm playing almost with the same angle as Joe Pass (great for vocing drop2 all over the neck, especially first inversion. Those are b&%h to play...). Might end up playing a cello...lol

  5. Matt

    the forearm has to turn slightly towards the body of the guitar to make the wrist as perpendicular to the guitar.
    i've been looking at how paul gilbert and other 'shredders' pick so i'll check those styles out.

  6. JorgeRubiales

    Well, it depends. If you use a full hollow body I don't recommend you to copy the picking from guys that play solid bodies. The arm is in a completely different position.

  7. Matt

    yeah i play a solid body (alwayswill!), so there's that.
    an interesting thing is that i switched back from dunlop 207s, which i've been practicing with for 2 weeks or so, to jazz iiis, did some strumming exercises, and almost all the tension went away! talk about a miracle.

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  8. JorgeRubiales

    Thicker picks require more force to glide over the strings, so it's perfectly normal Matt. But have you played a .014 archtop guitar with a jazzIII? Not a pleasant jaz tone, at least for me.

    But in a solidbody, with thinner strings, you can make it work. I used to use the jazz when I played solidbodies, mostly prog-rock and heavy metal (dream theater and all that), and was the pick I felt most comfortable with.

    Glad to hear all problems are away ^_^ If everything was as easy as a pick change...

  9. Matt

    well i might be jumping to conclusions but we'll see....

  10. david6strings

    it seems to me that archtops are not ergonomic and for that reason i can't find a right way to hold the guitar, with the strat used to be better because of the body shape. about clasical guitar you can get all the information you want about how to hold our guitar properly (Abel Carlevaro book f.e. but not a word with these kind of guitars 335, l5, byrdland etc, if an instrument change its shape and dimensions you get another different one, don't you?

  11. JorgeRubiales

    Well, archtops are ergonomic up to a certain point. The thing is that they're not too much ergonomic when standing. You have to tilt the headstock maybe a little more than you would with a solidbody. But for me, the right hand position in an archtop is the most ergonomic in any electric guitar.


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