RIP Paul Motian

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  1. kutu

    I just wanted to help spread the word that we have lost a great musician. If anyone, here, would like to share any thoughts, feelings or memories, maybe we can commemorate him.

  2. monk

    just amazing on bill evans' explorations together with scott lafaro

    RIP Paul Motion

  3. jbroad

    he was one of the greatest musicians of our lifetime and had a SOUND. i was lucky enough to get to hear paul live with the electric bebop band, the bley-peaock-motion trio, the kikuchi-peacock-motion trio, and the motion-frisell-lovano trio (at least 5 times) and he was ALWAYS on and deeply involved in the music even when he wasn't playing. aside from being one of the greatest drummers of all time he was equally an amazing and one-of-a-kind composer. i'm really going to miss him. r.i.p. paul.

  4. InWalked

    Distinctive drummer and composer that was instantly recognizable. His Bill Evans cd with Lovano, Frisell and Marc Johnson and those EBBB records are among my favorites. Will be missed.

  5. jorgemg1984

    I was really sad when I heard the news... I admired Paul a lot because of the Electric Bebop Band. He was one of the greats, a member of Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett groups and was still hiumble enough to gather a band full of young tallents - allmost all of them are now major players. His music will be remembered forever.

  6. arewolfe

    The Bill Evans trio with Lafaro and Paul Motian was, for me, some of the most definitive music in shaping my understanding and conception of what jazz is. Thanks for the amazing art and inspirations.


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