Robben Ford on Kurt Rosenwinkel

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  1. jazznan

    "I am indeed at heart much more of a blues player. I understand harmony, I understand the fundamentals of harmony altered chords and how to use them, so it's not a mystery to me fundamentally what's going on. However, people can certainly play things beyond my ability to understand them and if you're not aware of a guitarist by the name of Kurt Rosenwinkel, this guy is an astonishing guitar player and my favorite that I have heard in years. This guys harmonic sense is so developed, that I listen to him's jaw dropping to me how sophisticated and at the same time very soulful this guy plays, beautiful sound, everything. I admire that tremendously and it makes me just a little sad that I'll never be able to play like that, but again I've made my choices, I'm a blues player."

    Nice quote by Robben Ford explaining his blues journey and interjecting his thoughts on Kurt

  2. Great find Jazznan! I know what he means by Kurt being "sophisticated and at the same time very soulful". Even after listening hundreds of times, Kurt's intro to 'Safe Corners' on 'Remedy' gives me goosebumps and makes me a little misty-eyed. And don't even get me started on his playing on the entire Dharma Days album. Thanks for the beautiful music Kurt!

  3. wommusic
    Key Master

    Wow - what a beautiful quote by Robben! He is a great guitarist himself!

  4. Very cool! Robben may not have the ability to play like Kurt, but there is only one Robben and that thing he does is wonderfully executed.


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