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Rosenwinkel, Kreisberg, Hekselman - all jewish names?

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  1. I was just curious whether all three of them have a jewish background, as their last names would suggest. Would be interesting- anyone has an idea? Cheers, lupo

  2. jseaberry

    I think the only interesting thing is their music. If their background comes out through their music and says who they are, what difference does their name make? They had no input into that, but they DO have input into their personalities.

  3. denjz

    Gilad is from Israel.

  4. jazznan

    True doesn't really matter where you're from, we're all "one blood" Acts 17:26. But in a world where anti-semitism continues to run rampant, I think it is good to celebrate the enormous contribution of the Jewish people to the world (the amount of Jewish Nobel laureates is outstanding)

    (Genesis) 12:3: "...and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

  5. jseaberry

    True that anti-Semitism is still a worldwide problem, but what does tagging someone's name mean? I know a black guy named Wong, another black guy named Wrobowski, and a Jew named Robertson. What does that tell anyone? I just try to listen to WHO they are, not what their parents handed them. I dunno. The question was just peculiar to me.

  6. Poparad

    +1 jseaberry

  7. I'm afraid my question got across a little wrong. Having jewish roots myself I was just curious about their backgrounds. If some of the top, young modern jazz guitar players had asian-sounding last names I probably would have seen a pattern as well.
    Of course this has nothing to do with their music and the way I listen to it, really a rather off-topic thought that came to me.
    I hope no one feels offended, suspecting some sort of ethnical-based discrimination, none of that here! Cheers, lupo

  8. jazznan

    It's true you can't tell by their last name for sure, I was just making a general comment. Here's a cheer for all musicians and people no matter what race, we're all brothers!

  9. Kapteinar

    Or sisters!

    (Life of Brian)

  10. jseaberry

    I wasn't offended, Lupo, it just seemed like an odd question considering how little names actually do have to do with identifying people anymore; that may have been a distinguishing feature at one time, but I don't think so anymore. Now that I see what it is you are asking, it's a fair question; a person's background and upbringing have a huge amount to do with not just HOW they play, but WHAT they play. I would never, for example, even try to play Gypsy-style jazz; I just don't and never could "feel" it.


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