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  1. Just happened upon this group's myspace at random. Listen to six shooter and see if you hear anything familiar.

    I know at least Sandemose will get this.

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  2. Colonel Trane

    There is a sweep at like 1:20 that I've heard Kurt use I think on the Remedy but I can't place it on a specific tune. He has a strong Kurt vibe though, even a little Human Feel esque in the beginning.

  3. animitta

    @Colonel Trane
    Actually it is not just a sweep, it's a real "copy" of some Kurt's phrases from an intro to Path of the Heart,
    try to check this and tell me if you don't find some similarity : )

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    All the Best

  4. Colonel Trane

    Oh definitely that is it! Good catch!

  5. Poparad

    I almost find that disingenuous to copy wholesale parts of someone's playing like that. It's cool to cop a lick or borrow ideas, but to just copy an entire thing like that seems to me that it's shirking the work of making something new of it. It's almost feels like borderline plagiarism.

  6. cruxtable

    did anyone catch the ben monder quote? (hint: it's in the bio)

  7. I agree completely poparad! Its fine to take an idea and maybe expand upon it yourself but to just quote an entire 30 second passage isn't too hip.

  8. mikelorenz

    oh man...i'm good friends with chris and can say that he is a really great player. he definitely has moments where his stuff sounds too much (or exactly) like something else we might recognize but he is truly a really talented guy and a great musician.

    to me the clip sounds like a live recording so maybe the kurt stuff he'd figured out in the past just "came to him" in the moment and he really liked the overall sound of the performance.

  9. Matt

    I dig their sound. I wish i could play like that :(

  10. mikelorenz: while i'm not sure how i feel about using the entire passage like that, i listened to their stuff and i dig the sound a lot! i definitely agree that it was a live thing, and i'm sure the guitar player wouldn't knowingly put out a huge quote like that as his own thing.

  11. denjz

    Well,like it or hate it, I bet the man did increase the amount of views on myspace in the last few days...with a little help from Kurt and his fans :)

  12. mikelorenz

    some of our conversation going here reminds me of this guest post by john hollenbeck on ethan iverson's blog. check it out...

  13. Kurt clones need to stop what they`re doing. FIND YOUR OWN VOICE.

  14. Conway

    If I was good enough to have people jack my lines I would be shit out luck cause I never catch this kind of stuff in peoples playing.


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