Rosenwinkel trio live at Bimhaus 2004

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  1. A long time ago the Bimhaus performance space in the Netherlands used to post the audio of some of their live shows online. Like the Village Vanguard does now with WGBO.

    Long story short, I was able to get the audio from Kurt's trio show with Jeff Ballard and Eric Revis back in 2004.06.03. It is still one of the best guitar trio recordings I've EVER heard. Kurt crushes it. It is a pearl that I think forum fans should hear.

    Anyhow, it seems they've redone their website and don't have that kind of audio up anymore.

    With Word of Mouth's and Kurt's permission, I'll share it with everyone. Once I get the OK, what's the best way to upload it, so I don't have to email it a trillion times? Thanks!

  2. Pauli Poulsen

    Yes please!

  3. fakejake

    Ohh yes, please!!

  4. Lasse S

    Wow, i would be really interested in that also. I'm pretty sure the recording you have isn't from Bimhuis, but from the SJU Jazz Festival in Utrecht - i could be wrong though, lol. Nonetheless, i would love to hear that recording.

    Best, Lasse.

  5. jorgemg1984

    Would love to hear that (but if's the Utrech I already have it...)

  6. animitta

    You could maybe use one of the following service to share the file (choose what you preferer):

    All the best


  7. Haha, oops. It is that Utrecht show. I feel silly. Thanks Lasse S

  8. Lasse S, that link you posted has so many other shows! Anyone know how to get their hands on those?

  9. PaoloBach

    I've got a full transcription of K's solo on Ana Maria, if anyone is interested I can put it online...


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