Rosenwinkel album inquiry

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  1. I'm actually a newbie to the Rosenwinkle camp,having
    gotten my first taste of his music from a GP interview
    and after seeing MINOR BLUES on YOUTUBE.

    I am jazz fan as well as a huge progressive rock fan.MINOR BLUES,
    the YOUTUBE version anyway,has some great Holdsworthian
    lines and nice bursts of light distortion.
    What album would be similar in content to that type of playing,

    Thnx much~

  2. Dorian Grey

    Buy, "Live at the Village Vanguard" definitely! It as some pretty wild solos and playing! "The Next Step is also an amazing record :)

  3. kutu

    +1 for "The Remedy: Live at the Village Vanguard" recommendation. Especially, song "View from Moscow" will be a great place to start for a progressive rock fan. Been there done that :)

  4. jorgemg1984

    I agree, "The Remedy".

  5. fakejake

    btw, progressiverok, kurt also plays an epiphone throughout 'the next step', so these guitars are capable of producing quite a sound

  6. Thnx for the recommendations,Live at the Vanguard sounds like a keeper!

    Didn't know Kurt played an Epiphone in times past,that's encouraging ; )


  7. guitar1025

    The Remedy is great. I would give an extra nod to The Next Step. That was the first thing I heard from him about 6 or 7 years ago. I was hooked from then on!!!

  8. Matt

    the next step was the first jazz album i got that made me heavy into jazz. i also like heartcore a lot, there a few amazing tracks.

  9. TruthHertz

    While not the Holdsworth surrogate you're looking for, Seamus Blake's The Calling has a magic I'll never tire of. Way above any recordings though, go see him live. If you can find a venue within a hundred miles of where you are and he's playing, go. You will walk away a changed person. Do it.

  10. I really dig that track zydeco from the call or callIng

  11. Stuff with Chris cheek . Stuff from that label fresh sound talent ( or whatever ) with jorge rossy ( and maybe Chris cheek ).

  12. Intuit

  13. This is the version of "Minor blues" I was referring to.
    He starts the Holdsworth stuff right off the bat at the beginning.Great song,really nice~

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    And a great piece from WBGO studios~

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  14. contremisart

    you might also like, season of changes by the brian blade fellowship band. he has a similar tone there too.
    when i first listened to that album, i thought whoa! listen to that guy, totally sounds like kurt. gotta dig him! then it turned out to be the man himself :)
    not exactly a fast tempo album (if that's what you want) but a it's great piece of work.


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