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  1. jazznan

  2. wommusic
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    The thing that Russell doesn't know is that the "arrangement" was totally spontaneous in the studio, when Eric Harland started playing the beat from Q-Tip's "Vivrant Thing". Personally I dig it and think it gives the song a fresh take. Trying to reproduce what Miles did with the tune on Nefertiti would be deadly!

  3. Very interesting you point out this misunderstanding and distinction, wommusic.
    Mr.malone plays such rich and dense guitar work. However, most of what i have heard and seeing him it strongly feels like his thing is super worked out and that he draws heavily from a huge back catalogue of harmonic devices, passages, essentially unimprovised material .it is strong and a great example of the completeness and pianistic capacity the guitar has in any case. It makes sense that he would have seen it as an arrangement.

  4. wommusic
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    I am not super-familiar with Russell's work, but first time I heard "Remind Me" - a solo piece from his album "Playground" - it absolutely floored me! Ted Panken played that during a blindfold test that Kurt did for Downbeat.

    A lot of people said that Jaco Pastorious used pre-arranged stuff in his solos, but I don't think it really matters so long as it's as good as what those guys deliver. As a matter of fact I need to hear more of Russell's music, so any recommendations will be well appreciated!

  5. About jaco, yes. When i first got into him i bought many of those trio live in new york albums and you can hear it.

  6. Matt

    it took him that long to get sco?

  7. Sandemose

    Wouldnt it be better to play the solo on Chords (from the Remedy) or perhaps the intro from A life onfolds from the same record? I personally love that take on Fall as well.

    Best, Sandemose

  8. @matt: hahahahaha

  9. patfarlow

    this interview just introduced me to Mary Halvorson.....she sounds pretty good, ill have get an album

  10. sweetdeat

    I think Russell Malone is a great guitarist and sort of a dying breed in some ways. Strongly influenced by Wes and Johnny Smith, this guy really understands the history of the music...something we could all stand to learn more about. He visits a session in ATL from time to time and though I'm not a huge fan of all aspects of his playing, The man knows his history and his linage of the greats. If you ever get a second ask him to play you some Johnny Smith...because it's pretty remarkable.

    Anyway, I always enjoy that article of players listening to other players. I think it's a good representation of how well they know the history.

  11. maciej

    @wommusic: I highly recommend a duo album with Benny Green "Jazz at the Bistro". I have even transcribed the solo piece by Russell "Hand told stories". From other albums I have only "Sweet georgia peach" but I don't recommend it... Great player though.

    Btw could you show us the Downbeat blindfold test taken by Kurt? Can't find it through Google...

  12. jorgemg1984

    I would love to read that also!


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