Sadowsky Tone HELP!

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  1. Tazdingooooo

    I've recently purchased a Sadowsky Semi-hollow. The craftsmanship is undoubtedly impeccable, the low register is very warm and resonant and the guitar has great responsiveness and sensitivity.

    However, compared to my old Ibanez Gibson ES 335 copy, the unwound B and E strings on the Sadowsky sound a bit thin despite the great clarity. I've increased the string gauge from 12 to 13 (12's sound and feel like 10's on this guitar for some reason), raised the pole pieces, played with the EQ, but still failed to fatten the sound of these two strings. I'm looking for the tone that Kurt has on his Untitled Improvisation video (clear and textured but still fat). In that video, his high strings sound like they have higher tension, and thicker and "grabbier" (I know this comes down partially to technique).

    I've gone to the luthier and tried on a few heavier bridges and tailpieces, since the issue was acoustic. They succeeded in fattening out the tone, but also dulled it down. In the end I opted to keep the sensitivity of the Sadowsky tailpiece and bridge.


  2. jorgemg1984

    Those two strings are tough to manage in the guitar - I don't like them too fat (spiky) nor too thin (bright). Here's some ideas

    1) You can keep increasing gauge, I am using 015 019 these days

    2) A new pickup

    3) A good EQ pedal that gives you more control over those frequencies

    4) Have you tried messing with the bass on the amp? The bass fattens the overal tone sometimes.

    Good luck!

  3. fakejake

    have you tried raising the pickup height just on the treble side?
    i experimented a lot with the pickup and polepiece height on my 335 until i found the 'sweet spot'.

    another parameter you can experiment with is where you actually pick the strings, closer to the bridge or closer to the neck. again, i feel every guitar has a sweep spot in this regard.

  4. jorgemg1984

    Good ones jake, don't know why I forgot them!

  5. Joxo

    Are your e,b,g strings very low adjusted ? Try to get the string a bit higher from the fretboard and se.
    Also to get a fat tone with that Kurt type energy u need a heavy large pick.
    A stock sadowsky should be fine and do what u ask if its setup right. If it is, then keep on play it to figure it out. A new instrument almost always needs a lot of time to be understod. /j

  6. classiceast

    Take a serious look at a nice EQ pedal.
    I manage to fatten up my tone on 012 and 016 strings quite a bit with an EQ.


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