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Sao Paulo Masterclass Link

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  1. Pascau

    And thanks again!

  2. mrzzajjazz

    Thank you so much edablegray!
    I've just heard the berklee-masterclass, and this is just great stuff! :)

  3. I've been trying to figure out what Kurt was trying to illustrate in his Questions and Answers. He mentioned about changing keys within a line and used Giant Steps as an example. He also practiced arpeggios over it. Anyone has a better idea on this topic?

  4. Colonel Trane

    What he was trying to say was that he would divide the octave using the major thirds system from the tune Giant Steps so he might do it something like this CEAb C#FA DF#Bb EbGB then you play 4 notes from the key of C then go to the closest note in the key of E and do 4 from there then the closest note in the key of Ab and so on. The arpeggios is the same idea except using arpeggios instead of going straight up the scale. I also do this through the scale but in different intervals, 3rds 4ths 5ths....etc. I also do different variations on dividing into the key sections so I might go BGEb BbF#D AFC# AbEC or any number of combinations. This excersize helped me a ton. Hope that helps!

  5. Hi, he play the the 4 notes from the key F to then go C# E C Eb B Ab B G Db ecc..but where we can use this material? for plaing out in the chords? thank you!

  6. SJS

    For those who have been fortunate to attend a masterclass, how is he organising the material. is it 4 notes per string, or 4 notes per position?
    any thoughts?


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