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Saw Time Machine yesterday

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  1. fakejake

    I saw Time Machine yesterday and to me it was so-so. D’Angelo, Revis and Waits were great (D’Angelo and Waits were actually absolutely killing!) and there was A LOT of energy, reeally intenses performances. Plus, they choose great tunes.
    However, I couldn’t really connect to Kurt’s playing. In my opinion he should have sticked to the guitar, his piano playing was OK but clearly not at the level of the other musicians. I did’t dig his guitar playing that much either. He was mostly playing super fast, flashy stuff, at times (especially at the beginning) loaded with delay, and to me there weren’t that many memorable, melodic lines. Big exception was a beautiful slow Monk tune they played in the first set. Kurt was absolutely shinig there, the intro he played could have gone on for hours.
    I saw Kurt also this spring in Berlin, and like yesterday he played way too fast and flashy (to me)back then. I absolutely adore his playing on records like the OJM, Reflections, Deep Song Next Step and Intuit, and would go see him play like that any day. However, the two times I actually saw him live, I was rather dissapointet with his playing.
    Nevertheless, Time Machine did a great performance, go see em if you can!

  2. jazznan

    Thanks for the review. A few things I've learned from going to see live performances.

    1. I remember the first time I ever saw Keith Jarrett. I'd been listening to the CD's for years and when I went to the show, the sound sucked and I had these really huge expectations, that I was disappointed. Sometimes the room and the sound suck and our expectations are too high.

    2. I used to be an athlete and I am well aware of the simple fact that sometimes you're not going to be at the top of your game, even if you're totally committed, working hard etc...Sometimes even Michael Jordan has a bad game.

    3. I saw Kurt live may years ago with Aaron Goldberg and Ari H. and that live performance was so good, it will never compare to what I hear on CD's....Sometimes our memories of certain events are closely tied to a strong emotion and it's hard to connect with other performances if that same emotion isn't there. It's as much the listeners state as it is the musicians.

    Glad you had a chance to see them!

  3. jeromesteele

    Kurt with Ari and Aaron Goldberg. Jealous.

    Contact us
  4. filters

    thanks for your honest review fakejake. i haven't heard time machine yet. I have to say that your review really points out one of the things I love about Kurt : he keeps evolving and changing all the time. On all the records he has a different sound a way to play (East Coast : lots of chords, recent stuffs : chops, etc) and all the shows I saw were at different stages of his playing. I saw him with Aaron Parks and the first time he was super into playing with chops and it was just crazy (I loved it, it was so powerful), then I saw him trio, it was less chops and no distortion, really cool. Then with Aaron Parks and Justin Faulkner and it was different too... very lyrical.
    Kurt is an artist, if you don't like him right now I find that's the very thing that sets him apart from any other jazz musician nowadays. Actually I think that's good that you think that you don't like his current playing. It shows that he's constantly evolving and that is really exciting !
    Anyway if anyone has another review I'd love to read that ! Thanks for all the contributions.

  5. wommusic
    Key Master

    Fun to read people's thoughts - and if you are curious about the direction of the music, then this little video clip will give you an idea of ONE side of Time Machine:

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  6. guitar

    Kurt Rosenwinkel does not play "Flashy" or "Too fast". Kurt plays what he is hearing in the moment. Everything he plays is a melody, whether it is slow or fast. To think that he is playing flashy is not really understanding that an artist goes through periods of hearing different things. Kurt's playing is very broad and he is probably going through a time where he is hearing all of that stuff. I think it is beautiful that he is free enough to let it out.

  7. fakejake

    I think I made it clear at several points in my post that this reflects my personal opinion and not an absolute, general statement. For my taste, he was playing way too many notes on several of the tunes they played. Thank you guitar for trying to teach me, but I understand the music and I understand that artists go through several periods with their art, and might use several different approaches on different occasions.
    I also don’t think that Kurt wasn’t at the top of his game (or at least close) at that night. I guess he liked what he was playing, I just didn’t for the most part.
    To put my ‚review’ in more simple terms: It was a great concert and I really enjoyed the rest of the band, I just expected a different side of Kurt’s playing (just as I did at that gig in spring) and thus was disappointet. As this was the second time that happened and I spend a lot of money to see him, I felt the urge to speak my mind and see whether other people feel the same.

  8. jazznan

    Based on that clip womusic, I think that's about the best sounding Kurt and band I've heard for a while. I love the "folk" quality to the playing it sounded very organic and rooted, but at the same time free. I have to say the name "Time Machine" is throwing me off (I don't get it-does it mean back in time to a simpler folk music, with the knowledge of this present time? ), but that clip sounded amazing!

  9. Nuno
    Key Master

    Check out guys: A new clip from the same concert:

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  10. Wow. For a minute I thought there was a difficult position people were being put in between championing and defending kurt's rant from a while ago ( re the state of people's putput and whatnot ) and all that controversy , only to try to reconcile that spirit against some sacred cow fanboy stuff- making it tough to criticize Kurt if one were not into these latest forays yet if they ironically hanging on his every word when he criticized the current climate...
    However , despite where you stand or what you think , FOR ME , the stuff from this clip is so fresh and awesome from the first few seconds . Hell yes, more more more. Thanks anders.

  11. guitar

    Ok, that's fair. I just don't like the term "flashy", thats all. It seems so unmusical to me. I should have kept my thoughts to myself. I will in the future.

  12. mikelorenz

    that first one makes me wish Human Feel would play together again...


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