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"Saying" the Chord Changes

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  1. JoeOsoDopke

    I'm a jazz student, and looking for how people "say" their chord changes when they play. Any suggestions/thoughts? How do YOU "say" the changes in a creative way?

  2. TruthHertz

    You mean knowing where you are? What's happening in the piece? I think Roman numerals and key centres. And I have some visualization, that takes the line through a narrative. Two different approaches that keep me balanced. I'm not really sure what exactly you're asking though, sorry if I'm way off base.

  3. washabaugh

    I'm sensing that this is more about chords voicing and how to train your ear to hear what a chord will sound like before you play it.

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  4. fakejake

    You mean 'spelling' the changes, rather than 'saying'?
    There is tons of stuff on this forum and everywhere on the internet on how to spell out the changes creatively.

  5. arewolfe

    I think he means "how do you solo in a way that sets you apart from other musicians"

  6. bingefeller

    I use the CAGED system quite a lot, although sometimes I'd choose a scale and not worry about what the chords are doing so much and just play what I think is melodic.

  7. A simultaneous attempt at seeking further clarity on the initial question and an attempt at addressing what I think a possible answer may be :
    ¿ Chord tones?

  8. silverwater

    Truthhertz: As someone who uses roman numerals, do you find it's more efficient on bars 3, 4 ad 5 in Cherokee to label those chords (v - I7 - IV), or (ii/IV - V7/IV - IV)?

  9. TruthHertz

    ii of IV | V7 of IV | IV for sure. I see a piece being made up of layers, islands of tonality. The piece is going towards a period, or a resting point of thought, like speaking. That section of the piece is speaking IV-ish. It's got some adjectives that make the point. So they belong to IV. That's the way I see it, and it allows me to choose the ii V as one of any number of options.
    When I'm playing though, it might feel like a I7 if that's all I want to say; if the phrase ends there. In those situations, I wouldn't be hearing the changes in between, just kinda modal IM modal I7. Most of the time though, it's going to IV.
    Hope I'm not coming across as an incoherent nut...


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