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Sean Wayland US tour feat, James Muller + others

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  1. jazzacast55

    Hi Guys,

    Just thought I'd share this as I'm not to sure how many of you are familiar with Sean Wayland, he has just released a new album on band camp and is doing a tour in the US and he has with him Australian guitarist James Muller among other fantastic musicians.
    If any of you guys are with in the following dates get along:

    Thursday Oct 4th :
    Somethin Jazz in New York with Sam Anning (Bass), Jochen Rueckert (Drums), James Muller(Guitar)

    Tuesday Oct 9th :
    http://www.shapeshifterlab.com/ in Brooklyn, NY
    Ari Hoenig (Drums), Jeff Hanley (Bass), Sarah Tolar (Vocals), James Muller (Guitar)

    Thursday Oct 11th :
    Sean Wayland quartet in Boston at The Lily Pad featuring Austin McMahon (Drums), Des White (Bass), Tim Miller (Guitar), James Muller (Guitar)

    Monday Oct 29th :
    Smalls jazz in New York, With Matt Clohesy (Bass), Ari Hoenig (Drums), and James Muller (Guitar)

    Thurs Nov 1st :
    http://bluewhalemusic.com/ in LA with Tim Le Febvre (Bass), Gary Novak (Drums), James Muller (Guitar)

    Mon Nov 5th :
    http://www.55bar.com with Nate Wood (Drums), Sam Minaie(Bass), Sarah Tolar (Vocals), James Muller (Guitar)



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