Semihollow style Hardcase

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  1. Hey Fellas,

    Im looking for a nice Case/Gigbag for my es335-ish Hoyer guitar,
    i dont really know whats would fit me better, althought
    i'm rather looking for safety than mobility.
    My maximum Price is about 200 Euros

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Poparad

    I don't know what their availability in Europe is, but Kaces makes a nice polyfoam acoustic guitar case/gig bag that I use for my Gibson 135. It's the same kind of case that a lot of orchestra string and brass players use. Hard, but with pockets and shoulder straps. My 135 is a little small for the case, in terms of the body, so I stuff a couple towels in there to keep it from jostling around and it works great.

  3. PFDP

    Reunion blues.

    Quite reliable. Gigbag but with a very good protection.

    Chack them out!

  4. animitta

    Check this one too:

    All the Best


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  5. Basile865

    +1 for the Reunion Blues. Look up their demo on youtube.

  6. washabaugh

    I own a Monocase for my Benedetto Bambino and I can say that the quality is top notch...

    I think it is also worth mentioning that Pat at Monocase provided me amazing customer service and I'd highly suggest contacting the company if you have any questions at all.

    Good luck,

  7. gleepglop

    Gator Cases makes a great hard flight case for 335 guitars. Don't know about availability in Europe.
    They also make a (lighter) standard hard case. Both are very good.

  8. LeonardoB

    +1 for the MonoCase

    I have the Semi-hollow case and it's extremely well built, plus protects the guitar almost from any bump when travelling, expecially with public transports. The only con is that they're a bit pricey, but still less than Reunion Blues.

  9. Thanks for all your answers!
    Im gonna order the Monocase m80 now,
    first i thought i would get the maximum safety i could get for that money,
    but i didnt really know whats possible nowadays, dont need tank built
    cases wich survive stuff like like -->

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    ill have horrible dreams for weeks now.
    Wellyea, thanks for your quick help!

    Hakuna Matata


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