Seymour Duncan '59 pickup??

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  1. Bluewaterpig

    I've heard from a few different sources that Kurt now uses a Seymour Duncan '59 pickup in his neck. I'm looking to buy the same pickup but now I'm finding there's a THB 59, an SH 59, blah blah blah, etc. I cant seem to find just a regular 59 pickup so im guessing the model he uses has a slightly different name. Can anyone direct me to the pickup I'm looking for? I just want the same Seymour Duncan 59 neck pickup...thanks.

  2. Bluewaterpig

    Is it the SH-1 59 pickup?

  3. kurtisrosenwinkel

    don't ask about my pickups- I'm lost in a sea of infinite variety without a compass....
    my new pickup was made for me recently by a very gifted guitar electronics guy in Berlin. but even after raising the output 6db its still way too quiet. don't follow me here, guys... i haven't found a pickup i could recommend.


  4. add4

    Curious about this:
    Kurt, have you tried the bare knuckle pickups?
    i have put the emerald on my ES-335 neck, playing through an old mini-brute 1, and i get some very decent tones out of it. much more precise and open sounding than the stock classic 57 and the Seymour duncan 59 i tried before.
    I just bought an abraxas neck for the pleasure of trying new things, but bare knuckles really seem to have a very defined, precise and open sound.
    I also found than swapping the magnet of the humbucker is also an interesting way of changing a humbucker's sound.

  5. jorgemg1984

    This is sort of a stupid question but have you tried the booster on the Para-Q Kurt? I actually don't like high-output pickups but like hitting the amp's inout hard, So using low output pafs like the Bare Knuckles Stormy Monday and then boosting the signal with a clean boost (after ODs or distortions) has worked great so far.

  6. Magical rainbow ponies
  7. jazznan

    What, in your opinion is the best sounding mini humbucker?


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