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  1. Basile865

  2. patfarlow

    Had some lessons from him. Awesome player and teacher! PLus his Bill evans book is really good.

  3. tonyguitar

    Sid is one of my favorite teachers. If your in the L.A area it would be worthwhile to seek him out.

  4. Basile865

    Wish I was....

    Maybe when I scratch some money together he might do a skype type lesson. Anyhow, really digging his playing

  5. He's a pretty funny guy.that section in his book : may the fourths be with you.
    He also said he was teaching yoga locally in his area and that if it doesn't work out he at least has the guitar thing to fall back on!
    He is a really fluid player and has a lot of harmonic command. His monk stuff was pretty cool too. His capacity to invent contrapunctually was great and seemed on the fly. Very approachable guy. This is only from one workshop in 2002 or 3.
    He was like 17 or so and went to audition at a university ( Arizona or new Mexico or something ) and wound up getting a teaching position soon thereafter. He seems to be a generation after the LA session heyday - where there are dudes that can read like crazy and do whatever; into jimmy wyble and stuff. GIT coming up and I'm sure being around people like Ted Greene , Ron eshete, maybe Lenny breau there is a lot of guitar guitar happening there but he seems very musical and not just guitar too. He mentioned kids at GIT saying stuff like" I want to transcend when I play" and he would reply " cool. Do you know your scales "?


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