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  1. ( I need to sleep - I meant ' sites' instead of 'sights' ... Although feel free to look at them aswell ).

    Maybe there is overkill in this type of stuff and perhaps I should be working on just playing and the actual sound more. Perhaps it's a guilty comfy pleasure to go in this direction everytime I'm confronted with the cold hard fact of the prospect of the long haul of playing. Well, regardless this is just a reminder that these sites exist if you're craving info and exercises and perhaps an organization or overview of things to hit up in practice.

    His youtube stuff is great... Make sure you use both Ts when spelling his last name, as I arrived in a weirdly scary/informative place.

    I am confused if I linked the older or the more current version of this guy's site ... I was considering buying his book .

    This one may be quite obvious...

    The author of modern progressions; single note soloing and of course chord chemistry . There is also a forum he has; his YouTubes are inspiring and a neat window into the man's scene and ways... There is a great quote from a GIT clinic where he is describing some harmonic dilemma- to which he punctuates with " it's only a problem ". ( badass ).

    Anyways , take care.

  2. mrzzajjazz

    Thanks for sharing, Floatingbridge! Aguitaristsnotebook was new to me, and looks like a really good site. The Ted Greene-page is just great, I keep coming back to it all the time :)


  3. jorgemg1984

    The notebook seems great, already knew the other two. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Benny
    Website of the great guitarist Steve Khan. One of my favourite musicians. He is very generous in sharing lead sheets and analysis of his tunes as well as fully analysed transcriptions of many of the great jazz soloists. Please check out his CDs and instructional books.
    An excellent site sharing tips for practice, building a jazz vocabulary, transcription etc etc. Sign up for their free mailing list.
    Has a large number of downloadable video lessons available for purchase. I can recommend Vic Juris on chords and Sheryl Bailey's 'bebop flow'. The aforementioned Tom Lippincott has a 5 part series on modern jazz guitar concepts that is very detailed. I have part 2 so far.
    This website looks to have serious potential when it launches. They've filmed lessons with a range of top players. For the guitarists, there are lessons in the works from Oz Noy, Lage Lund and Gilad Hekselman.
    Website of Andrew Green, author of three excellent books on jazz guitar. The site hasn't been updated for a long time but there is some good information for beginners there and previews of his three books.


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