Singing for the purposes of composition. . .??

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  1. guitar1025

    Hey guys!

    First and foremost, happy new year to everyone!!

    I've hit a bit of a rut in terms of composing. I've decided that in the coming days, I'm going to sit down and record myself singing melodies I hear in my head to transpose at a later time. I feel like I always hear great musical ideas but can't really retain them for any period of time. My thinking is, if I sit down with a recorder and a metronome (often times when I hear an idea, there's already an implied groove/feel) I'll lock down some of that stuff that I would otherwise forget.

    Just curious if anyone out there has done anything similar and what their experiences were; pros cons, etc.

    Thanks in advance!!

  2. docbop

    Musicians need to sing everything they do. Sing your exercises, sing what you want to transpose then use your singing to transpose, of course composition sing. This how you develop the brain-ear-hand relationship.

    As a song writer should have one of those pocket recorders to save ideas whenever they come to you.

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  3. goshawk

    Make some notes on the context you are hearing it in. I find I'll record a melody after I'm away from home later and it no longer has the same meaning as I've lost the original context I heard it in, amongst or accompanied by. Happens all the time.

    I agree a pocket recorder is something we all should have especially if we are often "stranded" with no way to capture not only some melody, but the essence- maybe just some verbal instructions- of the music we're hearing with it.

    How about some suggestions on a good small portable device. I picture standing at a social gathering humming into my sports jacket followed by dictation and people thinking something strange is going on.

  4. Jean-Michel Pilc talks about something related here:

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  5. guitar1025

    Well, an iPhone works great for that with the Voice Memo app. Plus you look only slightly crazy if people think you're humming to someone over the phone. :)

    For at home, I have an Olympus digital recorder that I can use. I still try to just record stuff even at home because it helps get outside the constraints of the instrument. I can hear infinitely better than I can play guitar; piano even more so.


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