Single-coil vs. humbucker onstage dilemma

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  1. After being a Stratocaster man for years, I got an inexpensive Epiphone Les Paul. I've been wanting a fuller sound and on a lot of stuff it sounds great, but some of the stuff on my pedalboard really makes it break up in kind of a harsh way even without distortion. In particular, my Line 6 Modulation Modeler sounds great with my Strat, while on some stuff the Epiphone sounds great but on others it just gets muddied up and the signal gets overdriven - even in clean situations. I've got a Boss EQ pedal that I've used to tweak the sound of the Strat in the past and I may try to incorporate that somehow with the Les Paul. Perhaps set all the effects up with the Les Paul and use the EQ mainly with the Strat to beef it up a bit. I'm playing through a Peavey DeltaBlues 210, about 30 watts I think.

    Other people must have similar problems I'm sure. When you switch from single-coils to humbuckers, it seems like all bets are off with your effects because the EQ, levels and everything are different in the pickups. Does anyone else have problems with this? What's a brother to do?


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