Slonimsky-Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns

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  1. JtV

    I was wondering what people's impressions are (if any) about this book. A friend of my gave me his copy. It is worth spending any time with? How would one go about working through it? any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

  2. Hundreds of lines and ways to mess with a tritone. Look at the definitions for inter/infra/ultra/extrapolation so you know the concept of how the line contour or treatment in and around these two notes come about.take the book, a pencil , your guitar or piano and an hour or 2 and play the first measure or two ( depending how long it takes for the idea to mirror itself a tritone higher- in otherwords till the idea is complete) through those first 100 something lines and put a star next to the ones that you think sound cool.
    Then play something unrelated or cook or watch a movie. Then pick 1 or 2 of the lines you liked and play them and find some fingerings that work for you; and use the lines over V chord in ii V i and II V I or maybe for during both the 2 and 5 of these and find a way to make it connect to something for the i or I chord

  3. Kles

    Great book!


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