'Slow down' Software?

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  1. g_2_the_izzo

    Hi all,

    Its great to have this forum back up again!!

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend software that is designed to slow music down but preserve the original pitch. Ideally, I want freeware but, I might be willing to pay...

    Thanks for the help,

  2. wommusic
    Key Master

    Amazing Slow Downer: http://www.ronimusic.com/

    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. Also, transcribe! It does the same thing, but works a little differently. Both are worth a try.

  4. jbroad

    i also have been using the amazing slow downer for a few years and it works great

  5. denjz

    +1 for Transcribe
    I like the spectrum analysis feature - it shows you all the pitches found in any selected segment. Really helps if you can't hear the chord clearly

  6. Sandemose

    Second that for Transcribe here. I have used for about 2 years and it works great as a red wine stain remover. I always used to suffer from a bad, aching back, but Transcribe solved it all. I lost 5 inches around my waist, just by using Transcribe. And it was Soo-oo fun!

    Best, Sandemose

  7. denjz

    As you see ,using Transcribe also improves abstract thinking and imagination! :)

  8. animitta

    i use also BestPractice, that's an open source software quiet usefull : )


    All the Best


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