Small Amp Recommendations

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  1. jazznan

    I'd like to get a small, lightweight amp to carry to gigs (tube) and around the $300 mark, any suggestions?

  2. wilmore

    Zt lunchbox. I use it for subway travel in nyc. Just know its a completely flat sound. Reverb pedal helps with that. Also good to practice with just guitar cable amp. Lets you know where your not holding your fingers down for long enough. Got mine for 250 usd.

  3. docbop

    Since you said tube a VHT Special 6, but probably not loud enough to gig with. Going to be hard to find tube amp gig worthy for $300. I'd second the ZT lunchbox suggestion.

  4. arewolfe

    Not a tube amp, but I'll throw in another vote for the ZT Lunchbox.

    I pair it with a Boss DD-4 delay on my solo gig. My main amp is a Fender Supersonic 1x12 which sounds good, but the weight sucks royally... 52 pounds. The ZT is 12 pounds and the carrying case is a shoulder bag which I find incredibly nice. I can carry all my gear at the same time and have my entire left hand and arm free to open doors, etc.

    It's a good practice amp. Crank the tone knob all the way up and play on the bridge pickup... the brightness is painfully revealing.

  5. wilmore

    Whoops. I was just in London and I thought tube meant subway.

  6. jorgemg1984

    The ZT Acoustic is a little more expansive but almost the same size and weight and it has full eq and reverb - and it is supposed to be better for jazz. I am getting one this summer when I go to NY.

  7. callum

    So how loud are these ZT jobbies? I'm in the market for a small amp as I just moved and have no amp. Your thoughts would be helpful!

  8. arewolfe

    Incredibly loud for the size. The Lunchbox is not something I'd use as a primary amp though. The tone isn't the best thing in the world, so I don't use a Lunchbox when I play with groups where I'm concerned about sounding as good as possible (with my trio, or with other small ensembles, or for recording). I use it on my solo gig out of sheer ease of transport... 12 pounds vs. 52-pound Fender Supersonic. I've used it basically every rehearsal I've had in the past 2 years.

    I've used it on indoor big band gigs, and it's loud enough even for that, which I thought was remarkable. Soloing in the big band I could have used a little more juice, but for 1 or 2 solos in a 2-hour gig it's still worth bringing the Lunchbox because it is so absurdly easy to carry. It probably would not be loud enough for outdoor big band gigs.

    It should be loud enough for almost any group of 4 people or less, it's just a matter of how much you're willing to compromise your sound. The tone is not the reason to buy the amp. It has a pretty bad ass tone considering the size and weight, but the real draw of this amp is that it pairs mediocre tone with insanely light weight and ease of transport.

  9. callum

    As much as I would love to consider tone as the most important factor, my budget doesn't really allow it.... I was playing through an ac15 before anyway (which I hated). This definitely seems like something to investigate, now I just have to find one in Germany

  10. jorgemg1984

    Mambo 8. Perfect solution for tone and portability.

  11. callum

    They look great, out of my price range unfortunately!


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