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  1. cruxtable

    hello, i'm working on an arrangement and trying to figure out this sound i'm hearing. it's a sort of snare roll that goes throughout a section, or march type rolls, but i'm not sure what to call it. does anyone know what that is called? it happens in a lot of modern jazz songs. i don't want it to sound too warlike. one example i can think of is in peaceful warrior by aaron parks, at about :55.

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    does anyone know what i could call this type of thing, or think of different examples of what i'm talking about?

  2. egav

    Well that is kind of like marching stuff, and he might of used that in that song and called it peaceful warrior on purpose.
    There's New Orleans feel, which is more swinging but still on the snare. Listen to Common Climb by Jonathan Kreisberg and you'll get a feel for it. It's not a genuine example but its close.

  3. guitar1025

    Correct me if I'm wrong but from your question I think you're trying to come at this from an arranging standpoint, i.e. "I have a tune and I want this kind of feel; what do I tell the drummer?"

    I think of you tell a drummer that is halfway decent that you want some kind of a "snare-march-type" groove, they will come up with something hip. I was always taught if you're not a drummer, a good drummer is ALWAYS going to come up with something hipper than what you've written (really, the same could be said for any rhythm section instrument).


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