Some important insights from P. Bernstein

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  1. jazzbum

  2. Matt

    i like this video a lot.

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  4. Gia5

    I had the chance to spend four days in a workshop with him last Easter.
    I liked him before, but maybe he wasn't a n°1 in my list of fault, my ignorance, I really had no idea of his stature, he's a real giant, and I still think that maybe records (or at least the one I listened to) doesn't really pay justice to his greatness. I learned so much.
    And, aside of his musicianship, what a person.
    One night, after his concert, it was past one o' clock and he came to the jam sessions, to drink something and chat with somebody, as always. There was this shy girl, a fine guitar player, very small and polite, Peter incouraged her to play a tune on stage, but she didn't want to. After we all insist, she goes to play, but 30 seconds later she comes back with a disappointed face, because she was chased away, don't know why, maybe she didn't know the tune they wanted to play, maybe they didn't want a guitar, I don't know. So I said, jokin': "Peter, I have a plan: you go on stage, play this tune and then you call her from there". But I had that smile of someone who was really jokin'...
    One second passed, and Peter, tired after 1 h e 30 of concert in a theatre, took his guitar off the bag, went to the stage,(guess what, no one told him to go away), played that tune, and right after that pointed his finger at her and made her jump on stage for the next tune,
    while we were, incredulous, applauding. He's really really a great guy, in love with music.

  5. jorgemg1984

    He was here in Lisbon some time ago and gave an excellent masterclass, lots of great advice like that one. I got to talk with him a little after the gig and he signed me "Signs of Life", one of my favorite guitar records ever. He is one of the nicest guys I ever met and really humble - there are tons of guys who didn't achieved half of what he achieved that are full of it. Peter is the sort of guy you can really approach and ask what you want!

  6. guitarmo

    Peter is super nice and easy to speak to. I love that man.

  7. jazznan

    Yay Jorge! Love that guy. I remember seeing him with Mehldau years ago, what a nice guy and so musical.

  8. JorgeRubiales

    Yep, I met him in a masterclass too, great guy. And he can play his #ss off.


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