Some particularly nice Vic Juris playing

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  1. silverwater

    I've been listening to this a lot lately, just thought I'd share. Vic sounds amazing during this set, very melodic. Also some good guitar/piano stuff in here...he manages to do a lot of comping but never gets in the way of the piano.

    Vic's solo starting about 5 min into the first tune I particularly like.

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  2. jorgemg1984

    Vic is one of the most underrated jazz players IMO - his work on the Dave Liebman group is outstanding. He is one of the greats! He usually chats on the AAJ forum and always fives great opinions about gear and improvisation.

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  3. moontrane

    silverwater, the gig no longer takes me to the page. Do you have any idea when this show was or how i might find it?


    Magical rainbow ponies


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