some question About the Kurt's Sao Paulo chord melody Masterclass....

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  1. Azraelwave

    Hello every one...I have some questions About the Kurt's Sao Paulo Masterclass(on the Chord melody track ) If you don't have it here it is

    1st is at 12:50..There is a guy asking who kurt will recommend to listen if he wants to learn chord melody ....Kurt mentioned 2 is wes....but another one is george sth ...I don't get the last name(coz my english is my second language)...If you guys know about it please tell me :)

    at 15:50 Kurt mentioned a classic guitar player named bach sth...I still don't get the last name....

    Thank you guys

  2. animitta

    Hello Azraelwave,
    i suppose the answers are these:

    1) George Van Eps :
    2) Johann Sebastian Bach - he was not a classic guitar player, HE WAS GOD! :
    and the book Kurt is speaking is this one :

    All the Best

  3. It has to be George van eps . He has a series of books called harmonic mechanisms ( volumes 1,2&3). These are very comprehensive and dense books with very specific ways of voicing , fingering and picking through various harmonic and contrapunctal excercises. Kurt referred to them as " telephone books " in one interview. Just playing a measure of these books is worth it . They are around $40 USD each. When I bought one of mine, the guy said Paco delucia flipped through one and bought all 3 the next second. They are great!

  4. Azraelwave

    thankyou guys so much.! guys are awesome !!

  5. denjz

    Lute Suites is his last name :)

  6. Azraelwave

    guys.....I am working on ted green chords and jimmy wyblie Art of Two-Line Improvisation ......both of them are just ridiculous great ideas.....check it out guys....

  7. natjanoff

    The Ted Greene stuff is amazing. As well as the Jimmy Wyble books. I have Art of Two- Line Improv and it's really great. But I found this book
    very intriguing as well.

    Concepts for classical and jazz guitar by Jimmy Wyble and Rob Berman

    Great chord voicings , arpeggio, and two line ideas. Really recommend it!

  8. geetarted

    Nice is the mention of J dilla. i grew up near the D. The mention of how things sound is the best in a clinic. How much work does it take too?? huh.

  9. andyjazz

    Fender Extra Heavy

  10. jorgemg1984

    Kurt uses Fender Extra Heavy? I thought he used Dunlop Jazztone 207

  11. Neither

    Kurt used Dunlop Jazztone 207 but he now uses a white pick (so maybe a Fender Extra Heavy)

  12. Sandemose

    Neither: that pick is big as hell (as well). I´ll see Kurt tonight. I could ask. Important stuff!

    Best, Sandemose

  13. jorgemg1984

    Ask please!

  14. The classical concepts for jazz is a great book. That one idea that gets turned into several pages worth of lines is super cool. It consists of sequencing 13th ( no 5th chords ) all over. From low to high play ( 1 note per string ): F,C,E,B,D,A... So, 11,root,3rd,7th,9th,13th...or think of it like playing a 5th then a 3rd off the higher note and feels like a more modern and spacious approach to these chords. You can run that template up the neck diatonically for major, melodic minor and harmonic minor and see how things shift. The other book felt like a static ballet and I dont remember being able to walk away with anything that dudnt feel static ; like someone would just say " oh, nice. I have that book ". The van eps is strict but leaves ir open as far as how you can generate the counterpoint. I'm going to incorporate a new book on just counterpoint that looks doable for guitar in my reading rotation. So Many things . It feels inspiring and I'm rotatiby though things that focus differen aspects. Taking poparad's advice on the longhaul rather than binge obsessing on one little piece of minutae.

  15. Azraelwave

    Sandemose....waiting for your answer from kurt ....thanks

  16. Sandemose

    I forgot to ask. Sorry guys.

    Best, Sandemose

  17. Basile865

    Thank you so much for posting this class. I wish there was more, or a DVD of things like this. Its gold

  18. silverwater

    I like this one too:

    "Solo Jazz Guitar - The Complete Chord Melody Method" by Bill Hart


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