some recent sounds from Mick Goodrick

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  2. Alvin

    Is it just me or is he really getting better and better?
    This kind of playing is insane! And he's getting close to seventy!

  3. TruthHertz

    Incredibly, he continues to get better by all accounts. Word is he plays free improv like a string quartet or like Bach chorale in real time-with the most intricate modern harmony.
    Some not so recent but new to listen to anyway 3 versions of a How Deep contrafact:

  4. Benny

    According to the account holder on Youtube: "Recorded in Boston at the 1369 Jazz Club, April 4, 1984"
    Perhaps not that recent!
    Wonderful playing regardless!

  5. Ah. I hadn't looked into it . It was one I hadn't seen/heard and I arrived there by searching " mick goodrick 2013 "... It's a little habit when I'm bored and near a computer ; searches involving someone or something and a current time table . Perhaps it was an upload date that lead me there.

  6. Alvin

    TruthHerz, do you know when were those How Deep's recorded?

  7. TruthHertz

    Yeah, June '93. Jerry Bergonzi on that remarkable sax. Bruce Gertz on bass and Gary Chaffee on drums. It was a working band at that point and 2 or 3 day runs at The Willow regular events. This gives a nice idea of just how different the takes on the tune can be in one 3 day run.
    If it's of interest, I've documented him pretty much from early 80's to present, and I think he's in the running for "the most invisible guitarist everyone should know about" even if for nothing else but the comping...
    Maybe I'll water this thread from time to time if anyone is interested.

  8. TruthHertz

    Some other things, from '90, Mick with some Ornette spirit: Dewey Redmond, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian.
    From '03 , Tim Miller with Mick, Some Stella, some Rhapsody.
    Duo with Fred Hersch

    A little sample of someone who can play the spectrum



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