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  1. Poparad

    A little bit of self-promotion here, but a band I play bass in was featured on a local music show earlier this year, and we finally got the DVD back from the taping. It's a prog-metal band with two saxophones doing a weird mix of metal and jazz. Here's the first clip, with a total of 6 performance shots, and also a 3-part interview segment, all up on Youtube:

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  2. jbroad

    killin'! love it jeremy. is this your ballad? :D

  3. Poparad

    Haha, actually, this one is our ballad:

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  4. InWalked

    Pretty menacing. Good stuff.

  5. JorgeRubiales

    Sorry but I didn't like it. And I don't like to make comments like this, really.

    Being prog-metal, I found the music very repetitive, when it should be evolving over the theme. Maybe your ballad is your best song.

    The saxophones thing...I don't know, they're there mostly as a fill, and definitely they should have a better melodic line, or shut up. You have to understand that, even if they're not soloing, the saxophone has a presence (because of its frequency response), and that constant chromaticism under the compound meters...too avant-garde for me.

    I hope not to hurt with my opinions; if so I'm sorry.

  6. hitdoggie

    I haven't posted in like a year but I wanted to log back on to respond to this.

    When that clip started I immediately thought, "I'm gonna hate this." Maybe that speaks more about my aural capacities than anything? Anyways, I listened to a bunch of those clips. You have balls man.

    I dig the stuff.


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