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sound problems

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  1. thelonious77

    Hey cats, Its great to be able to share here and i've learned a quite a few things from reading posts written by people that seem to be quite involved with the music! Anyways,
    I've been recently messing around with pedals in order to come closer to the sound i hear in my head. I used to be a guit to amp kind of guy for a very long time trying to let my fingers do the job. It had it's good sides but I felt limitated when playing in certain settings especially when I'm playing all the melodies and driving the band.
    Using a delay (line 6 big green ped) and a mxr booster seem to help me get closer to what i m looking for and that has been working quite well ( throug a polytone amp). However sometimes in the same room with the same settings and playing with the same guys, the sound becoms messy and lacks precision. The guitar sounds like it is drowned in revereb and lacks presence. Anyways not to be able to go to the gig and have the same king of sound all the time drives me crazy.
    I don't know about you guys but when i listen too my favorite players wether they are old school or modern they always seem to have a control over that electronic stuff.
    Did you guys find a way (a ped/amp/ setting combination) that alows you no to think about it anymore and just play music? I know that mr. Rosenwinkel sure did or did he?
    Thanks for all replies. I wich you good music!

  2. denjz

    The sound you're getting very much depends on the acoustics of the place you're playing in.There are so many factors that can affect the sound : how big the room is,how many people there are,how loud you're playing and of course what are the other instruments in the band - just to name a few...
    In your case I assume the amount of people in the room was different,thus the acoustics...
    An "all purpose amp/fx setting" would be a dream come true for all of us,but...
    I've been to one show with Kurt where the guitar sound wasn't so good...actually,it was pretty much what you described: too dark,not very defined with lots of reverb.Just like you said,the guitar was burried under the rest of the instruments.So...I guess even Kurt doesn't always have control over everything...

  3. thelonious77

    thanks for the answer
    I think you're right about the amount of people in the room
    The way the rythm section plays makes a huge difference as well I think.
    May I ask u what kind of devices do you use?

  4. Alvin


    Yeah, above all, the room you're playing in (including the amount of crowd) makes a huge difference. Also sometimes the age of your strings, the length of your fingernails on your picking hand etc...
    The other interesting thing is what my teacher pointed out when I approached him with the same problem. He said something like: every day your fingers are different.
    Thus getting the exactly same sound every day is close to impossible :)

    All the best!

  5. denjz

    Well, it seems like you're doing the right thing:using booster or overdrive helps to add more treble to cut through without sounding too thin.
    I noticed many times that all the cool tones and settings I found at home didn't work with the was very frustrating until I realized that with the loud band you can add more gain and it still sounds like it's pretty clean,so the tone that you would define as "quite distorted" at home will become almost clean with the band...
    Using too much delay can make the sound messy so careful with that...
    ...but generally there's no rules,so it's all about tweaking ang listening...
    Hope this helps

  6. Alvin

    Hehe, I had a quite opposite experience:
    the sound which sounded mildly distorted to my ears at home became heavy metal when played with double bass and drums...
    So yeah, tweaking and listening :)

  7. mxr also makes a 6 and a 10 band eq. pedal( obviously the 6 is cheaper) and i had similar issue (but at that time it was a problem caused by pickups not being properly wired from factory...nonetheless ). using the eq gave me a definite boost period.initially, i got excited by being able to raise bass and vanish mids and so forth but realistically i found that i didnt have to deviate too much from flatline( zero) to shape the tone to compensate for the guitars problem. environment does matter and effect things.just set your volume and put the eq on your lap so you can adjust things as you check out your lix n' trix in different positions and chordal stuff till you are getting closer to what you want.i paid $90 at a local shop;obviously if i werent such an inpatient loser it was more than likely cheaper online from them( but mess with it at a store...preferably not guitar center; its difficult to gauge whether you dig something or not when you have a kid on your left playing a pink slowly churning out crazytrain with 5 false starts through a crate halfstack and an old guy on your right histrionically bubbling through stevie ray's version of little wing out of the fender deluxe ,all the while that fake satriani xtreme motocross espn rock is pumping through the house system overhead only to be interrupted by: " accessories line 2 accessories line 2; i need a manager for a void at pro audio, manager to pro audio".


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