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  1. jimijamzen

    I've often wondered about the "so very few" gifted players, players like Kurt, John Mclaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Django, Wes, etc... Players that totally sound cliche-less.. Of course you can hear echo's in "spirit" that touch on their mentors especially harmonically speaking but all and all its an extremely special gift/talent to totally sound like yourself.... There are thousands of players that can speak the jazz language fluently, some successful some not, but never say anything that's their own... I thought the true spirit of jazz was improvisational prowess but it seems sometimes stretching the limits can get you into trouble! This guy "John Stowell" really has a unique approach as well.... Its such a breath of fresh air and inspiration to hear a new approach in a world of "II V I" cloning.... Thanks Kurt for not settling and reaching up for new ways...

  2. jorgemg1984

    What strikes me most about Kurt is his "bag of tricks". His imagination as a composer and improviser is endless... Imagination and Diversity are very important subjects that are often neglected by jazz educators.

  3. sweetdeat

    Speak what comes naturally....that's the only thing that will satisfy you.

  4. haberdashing

    Stowell is my teacher. It is scary what he is capable of.

  5. Jeallzz, haberdashing... Total jealzzz! I've seen him in a workshop and at some gigs. What a great thing he has going on and extremely generous and warm and articulate about the material.


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