standards in odd meters + claves

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  1. Matt

    so i am wondering how you guys approach playing standards, or really any tunes, in odd meters. some tunes have obvious claves to them that are easy to hear, but i am wondering about how you approach altering the harmonic rhythm and content and apply different claves to the tune and make it sound natural.

  2. gleepglop

    Something that I found extremely helpful is to work on hearing all odd meters on three levels:

    quarter note
    eighth note
    half note

    So if you are playing in 7/4, you should also feel 7/2 (i.e., two-bar phrases) and in 7/8 (two phrases per bar)

    Also helpful is working on various pickup rhythms and phrase endings. This will help create phrases that cross barlines and avoid the usual pitfalls of static and repetitive phrasing in odd times.

    For instance if you have a half-bar pickup, a one measure phrase, and a half-bar ending, then your phrase has turned into a two-bar phrase that is spread over two barlines (three measures).


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