Magical rainbow ponies

Star of Jupiter

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  1. mitch_33


  2. aramaya

    Nice Kurt! thanks for putting it into form.

  3. contremisart

    I'll be honest I don't like the cover, but I am sure I will love the album

  4. If we were going by album cover art , then Allan holdsworth would be getting even less respect! Aside from all night wrong, every cover of his is horrid!

  5. ... Ok, secrets looks kinda cool.

  6. I like the fact that Kurt's venture into this new music is based on something metaphysical or rather philosophical(though the way he described it,as receiving it in a dream lends more weight to the former). It just confirms once again that music is not just a series of static or concrete notes but nearly a live entity in and of itself.His thought process reminds me of Santana who basically subscribes to a similar line of thinking.I look forward to the new Cd.


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