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star of jupiter digital download

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  1. add4

    Just wondering if i'm alone in this situation : i bought the physical CD, it was shipped very fast, but i'm still waiting for it at the moment. i wish that buying the cd would allow us to download it too.
    I guess there are reasons behind this choice. but just letting you guys know that i would seriously have liked it if that had been proposed.

  2. animitta

    Same exact situation here(still waiting the physical CD), same exact feelings (would be glad to have the chance to download the mp3).

    I think we need to wait and suffer some more : (

    All the Best

  3. wommusic
    Key Master

  4. add4

    Just sent you an email Anders,
    Thanks for this offer, that's very nice of you to offer that!


    Contact us
  5. animitta

    @Anders (wommusic)

    I have also sent an email right now.

    You guys at wommusic, you are the best!

    All the Best
    Animitta (Riccardo)

  6. wommusic
    Key Master

    Thank U everybody!! We want you to get your music instantly, and are sorry for any delays that anybody have encountered!

    As you know there was a hurricane over here ("Sandy") and it hit New Jersey pretty hard, which is where our shipping is coming out of. We did actually ship in time, but we know shipments have been delayed by the postal service due to the tremendous problems after the hurricane.

    Anyway, we are happy to send you downloads while you are waiting - so appreciative of all of your support!


  7. contremisart

    Now that you made that nice gesture, I can whine about buying the digital version while waiting my delayed CD. But I won't, since this music is worth much more than it costs anyway :)



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