Star of Jupiter on vinyl?

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  1. bgil89

    Is there any chance of Star of Jupiter being released on vinyl? The original sound quality was so good that a vinyl release would make it sound that much better.



  2. wommusic
    Key Master

    We don't presently have any plans for a vinyl release, but of course that would be fun to do...we'll see...but happy to hear you dug the sound quality of the album! Did you listen to CD, download and, if download, which one? We put a lot into trying to ensure that the sound quality was great, and it's nice to see that it's being appreciated! :-)

  3. bgil89

    Cool, I'll be first in line to get if you do. I have both the download (.wav I think) and the CD and they both sound very good. It's hard to tell which one's better.

  4. Matt

    well a wav. is the uncompressed CD file so there wouldn't be any difference, if i understand correctly.


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