Starter guitar for a child (13 years old).

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  1. g_2_the_izzo

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if you had any advice on what would be a good guitar for a child who is interested in learning to play. Since its impossible to tell whether a child will really take to it, I don't want to spend a fortune on it, but at the same time I don't want to get one that is so cheap that it plays horribly and sounds worse...

    I thought maybe some of you who teach private lessons might have some insight into this. Any advice would be great.



  2. denjz

    If you're thinking about electric,used Fender Squier can be found on ebay for a little over 50 bucks.It's a great axe for the money,I would definately recommend it.As far as the amp I would get a Roland micro cube,that would be another 50 bucks used...

  3. animitta

    Hy g_2_the_izzo,
    i do teach private lessons to some childs too and my first suggestion is to buy an economic classical nylon string guitar ( 60-80$ ).
    I suggest this "cheap" guitar cause before to develop a good sound it takes a lot ( a good player play good also with a cheap instrument ).
    I prefer to suggest the nylon strings guitar to my fresh students cause in this way it would be easier to approach the instrument without suffer too much with steel strings. I make my students to discover the different way of playing the classical guitar, with the fingers and the pick too. Sure the neck of a classic one is different from an electric but if the hands of the child are big enough it's a good idea to start "easy" , especially for the pressure that a fresh guitar player will apply to the strings. he will think at first to use many pressure, actually too much, but this kind of mistake could become really difficult to fix later. Cause at first it seems they need to apply a lot of pressure but when they get the right balance they will discover that it's not necessary too much pressure to make sound the note. All the excess of pressure it's a big waste of energy an dexterity. It's better to discover this without having immediatly the fingers bleeding on a steel strings guitar : ).
    It depends also wich kind of music he wants to play. Some child immediatly wants an electric guitar but i always try to explain to them that an economic nylon strings is better for the start. If they will enjoy the music and the instrument they could have a better or electric one.
    This is my personal humble opinion.

    All the Best


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