Sticky Residue on my 335 neck will not go away, need help

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  1. steepcreeks

    I recently purchased a Gibson 335, satin finish (New) and a gummy residue keeps forming on my neck. On gigs I've had bartenders give me vodka to clean it off, it goes away for 2 or 3 songs then comes back. thanks, Ben

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  2. denjz

    it's a very common problem with new nitro finish,sometimes it takes a few months for nitro to fully cure so it will eventually go away.

  3. geetarted

    I agree with the above post. Gotta give it more time. I have taken the finish off many gits in the past. With my strat and a SG classic, I took the finish off with medium to light to very fine sandpaper. I'm not shaving the neck shape, merely taking almost all the finish off for that baseball bat feel. Give the Gibson custom shop a buzz after a few months.

  4. EvanM

    Hey guys. Spot on with the observation of the nitro finish. One thing though, I'd recommend not using alcohol to clean off the neck as I think it could potentially slow the cure of the finish. Either that or naptha, I can never remember which.


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