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  1. g_2_the_izzo


    Normally, I just buy whatever strings are cheapest for my electric, but lately I've been having problems with them going out of tune or breaking too easily. What brands and gauges do you guys prefer? Do really think it makes a big difference for an electric guitar?

    Just curious,


  2. I use D'addario 0.11 flat wound and I like them a lot. I heard that Thomastik Bebop 0.11 strings is awesome too. And yes, I do believe the strings makes a great difference on the guitar.

  3. jbroad

    check out the thomastik bebop series for sure. i've been using the 12-50 set for a while now and couldn't be happier

  4. denjz

    I use DR 12-52 and really like them.

  5. Sandemose

    I used to have Thomastik (.012-50) but I switched. I now use D´Addario EXL 145 (.012-54) since the G-string is plain. I dont want a wound G-string and thats the thickest strings you get in a pack (I think) were the G-string is plain.

    Here is my with those strings:

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    Think D`addario make the best strings by far.

    Best, Sandemose

  6. I used thomastik for a while, but I ultimately felt like they were dead sounding and provided little dynamic response. D'addario 13 round wounds are the way to go, good articulate bright warm tone. You can shape them however you want with your tone control, your amp, effects, whatever, but they give the tone of your fingers and of your guitar.

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  7. Alvin


    I don't want to sound like a salesman, but I agree that D'Addario is probably the way to go... The gauge and round/flatwound thing you have to test yourself, what suits best for your taste and the gear :)
    I've used chrome flats (.013-.056) for years now, but am changing to EJ22 rounds now, cause the tone is brighter, which makes the chords sound less muddy when played fingerstyle.
    By the way, has anyone tried the half-rounds?

    All the best!

  8. animitta

    First of all: I am not an endorser of Thomastik, i woulde glad to be, by the way : )
    I love these strings, the swing type, i used all, from 011 to 013. These strings are just great.
    I discovered that brand some years ago, i was using the D'Addario chromes. I enjoyed the sound ( more bright than Thomastik, for sure ) but they last for too few time. I needed to change the first two strings ( the E and the B ) almost every week. That was due to the fact that they always became dark and dirty ( and loosing the sound ). I always clean the string after played. Probabilly it depends from by chemical system too but since i switched to Thomastik, i can keep the strings for some months. The strings never become dirty and dark and they last for long, always in tune : ). Actually i really like a new pack of Thomastik strings after a week. In that moment they are perfect: a little more bright sound ( not so much ) and really low tension with silky sound, for the chord and for single line. Before I have had many problem to my fingers ( some kind of pain ) using D'Addario, due to the more big tension and also due to the dirty problem of the first two strings.
    Now i am an happy Thomastik guitar player, just sometime i think to try the Be Bop type instead of the Swing. Anyway, i have no more problems to my finger and a great sound : )

    Just my humble opinion.

    All the Best

  9. 26-2

    Has you can see strings are a personal thing, depends of your guitar, the gauge, your style of playing, etc.... i have tryed a lot of brands and i can say that. d' addario, thomastik and DR are probably the better ones, the only way to chose strings is to try them and see what you like, besides that i think good strings makes a HUGE difference in terms of sound and playbility.

    Good luck

  10. mikelorenz

    I used Sadowsky flat wounds for a little while and have been thinking about switching back. They're probably similar to Thomastik strings but I could be mistaken.


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