Summer jazz schools in New York

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  1. SJS

    I'm planning a US trip during my schools holiday period from 29 June - 10 August. It will be my first time to the states. I would like to visit New York, and thinking its a bit like Mecca for Muslims , every jazz musician should make the pilgrimage at least once in their life shouldn't they?
    Can someone recommend or evaluate any of the summer jazz programs that are running during this time, either through direct experience or word on the street?

  2. Nathan078

    Hey SJS,

    There are always the Berklee Summer programs. I think you have to try out to get in, but it sure is worth it! Its not really in New York but its in that area.

    All the best.

  3. aramaya

    I did the SIM program (school for improvised music) in NYC a couple years ago
    and had a great experience.


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