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  1. Sandemose

    Since I dont have Facebook I cant read the results, it starts with "A thing that was surprising to us..." but I cant read what follows. Anyone can help?

    Best, Sandemose

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. animitta

    Here it is, from Facebook:

    Kurt Rosenwinkel A thing that was surprising to us in the survey, is that many of you (about 40% judging from the survey) don't know that Kurt has a webshop. You can purchase his CD's, downloads and books from there. Here's where you find it: can

    pre-order the new album (release date Sept. 7, 2010) from here for instance. Thanks

    for checking out the shop!

    All the Best

  3. wommusic
    Key Master

    Yeah Sandemose - another thing you should read is this: Thank you so much..also for some of the many funny comments - a few of them really made us laugh!

    One person said:"Trying to decide which is my favourite kurt album took 30 minutes".

    Another said: "Come to Pittsburgh. Yeah I know it sucks".

    Those 2 comments - and others - really made me laugh!

  4. jazznan

    How many of us wrote that we want the harmony book to come out? ;)

  5. wommusic
    Key Master

    hahaha - yeah jazznan, quite a few wrote about that as well. It's just not finished yet and Kurt has been soooo busy with so many other things. I know he WANTS to finish it....but it takes time and focus, so we are just going to have to wait until that is there. I hope the release of new music and the concerts makes up for it in the meantime!

  6. Sandemose

    Hey, Key Master...isnt that from a 90s movie series...Warlock or something with Julian Sands by the way? Or is it perhaps Ghostbusters?

    Best, Sandemose

    Magical rainbow ponies
  7. sortell

    I for one would be interested in Kurt's first album "Under it All". I know it was never formally released.
    But I think most of the us would be willing to pay for it. Is there a way we can get a copy ?

    BTW... Hello everyone this is my first post.

  8. Sandemose

    Hello sortell, nice having you on the forum. Im sceptical about any official release of that album, am I wrong?

    Best, Sandemose

  9. wommusic
    Key Master

    "Under it All" is not Kurt's 1st album. However, it was the 1st that was recorded for Verve, but at the time they decided to release Enemies of Energy instead, which Kurt had actually recorded himself a couple of years prior to that. At this point it sits in the Verve vaults and they decide what's going to happen with it.


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